Obaidul Quader, A Bangladeshi Politician Has Gone Viral For His Posts And I'm A Fan

By Rameeza Ahmad | 27 Sep, 2020

Recently, a dapper-looking South Asian gentleman called Obaidul Quader has been seen on many news feeds. Pictures of him walking and just nonchalantly going about his day in well fitted bespoke suits have gone viral. And honestly, the man knows his angles. Who is this man you might be wondering? Well, his claim to fame isn’t just his well-dressed looks and pictures on social media, but the fact that he is a prominent politician in Bangladesh!

Obaidul Quader is currently the Minister of Road Transport and Bridges. And I mean I think it’s pretty great that the road transport minister clearly knows how to travel in style!

source: Obaidul Quader via Facebook.com

He is the General Secretary of the Bangladesh Awami League since October 2016. He still appears on the media regularly and works as the party’s media advisor on a voluntary basis. And clearly the man knows a thing or two about media because he’s gone viral and the engagement on his social media is crazy.

Obaidul Quader has been active for quite a while and has been involved in politics since his student days.

But now he is gaining notoriety beyond his borders and going viral globally. And while we don’t doubt he is beloved by his people for his politics, the world has embraced him as a fashion icon too.

Source: Obaidul Quader via Facebook.com

People cannot get enough of his pictures. And it seems like he knows of his popularity because he regularly gives the public what they want! The politician’s social media is regularly updated with dozens of shots of him posing in various locations. He also seems to know his angles and what poses have him looking best. And honestly, people really appreciate his dedication and effort towards his swag.

But some people had concerns about his hands…

Source: Obaidul Quader via Facebook.com

If you noticed, a lot of pictures have them looking very stiff and very white? But then he revealed his hands without gloves in some pictures which put these questions to rest!

However, there is a bit of a conspiracy that Obaidul Quader is an alien or a robot pretending to be human. Why? Because he has mastered the nonchalant stiff pose.

And it seems like he has been taking notes because he’s introduced a whole array of new poses, and nonchalantly looking at his watch is becoming his signature pose.

source: Obaidul Quader via Facebook.com

Sir, I stan.

source: Obaidul Quader via Facebook.com

Honestly, he’s done what every politician hopes to do; go viral without the need for a scandal! What do you think of this politician and his daily shoots? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: Obaidul Quader via Facebook.com

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