17 Signs You're Someone Who's Not Too Halal But You're Also Not Haraam AF

By Sakina Hunaid | 31 Mar, 2017

Have you ever felt that you can’t seem to get along with either side: the conservatives as well as the liberals? It’s hard when you have been brought up in a conservative surrounding but were exposed to liberal ideas while growing up because you turn into a weird mixture that just cannot fit in on either of the two extremes.

Here are some things that you can definitely relate to:


1. You pray more than Eid to Eid, but you aren’t yet able to pray 5 times a day

Like, it’s hard to wake up for Fajr after pulling an all nighter, but Friday prayers are a must.

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2. Deep necks, nangi taangein and spaghetti straps are too revealing for you.

Source: deenga.com


3. But at the same time hijab and abaya are way too conservative

After all, you wanna show that sexy haircut, don’t you?

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4. Pork is a big no. Pig is ewww.

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5. But tasting a little bit sharaab, or doing a line of coke that one day when you were abroad doesn’t count.

You were just curious.

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6. You have good friends from the opposite gender and you don’t feel uncomfortable around them

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7. But you wouldn’t greet them with a kiss on the cheek or give them a warm tight hug

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8. You don’t mind having a girlfriend or a boyfriend

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9. Holding hands and even kissing is kinda cool

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10. But sex is a bit overboard. Sex before marriage is not something you will be comfortable with

Source: Ali Rush / YouTube


11. Going on overnight trips alone with your bae is a BIG NO

Like that’s not even a possibility you are willing to consider – what will you tell your parents? What will you tell the society? Heck Allah will never forgive you!

Source: Deenga


12. Hell you can’t even go to their place for even one night

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13. You kinda casually believe in stuff like nazar lag jana and jinn etc but you wouldn’t let it affect your decisions

Source: Telenor Pakistan


14. You kinda fast in Ramadan, but might spend most part of the day watching movies or sleeping instead of praying.

But itni garmi mein sab maaf hai.

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15. You secretly watch porn, but can’t talk about it openly ever.

Log judge kareinge!

bandwagon cricket fan sohai ali abro
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16. You advocate openness but can’t talk about sex with your own parents

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17. But you know you are fine the way you are. You know any of the two extremes don’t suit you. 😀

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Stay your moderate self. Maybe just be a little less judgmental toward non-moderates. Baaqi sab theek hai.


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Cover image via: @mehwishhayatofficial / Instagram

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