The Internet Is In Love With This Muslim Bride's No Makeup Look During Her Wedding

By Hurmat Riaz | 12 Aug, 2017

Desi weddings are popular for being extravagant and glamorous where everything; from the bride to the venue; is heavily loaded with all things bright and flashy. Everyone wants their wedding to be the kind of event which would make people talk about it for ages.

If you ever thought of having the kind of wedding which is not lavish and loud and you shared this thought of yours with people around you, you’d have got responses like, “haww haye, who does that? Why do you want a low key wedding? Are you not happy?”


Tasnim Jara from Bangladesh took the plunge and decided to go against the norms of a typical desi wedding.

Source: Tasnim Jara / Facebook


She walked into her wedding reception wearing her grandmother’s white cotton saree with zero makeup and no jewelry.

Source: Oriental Films

Of course, everyone was concerned about why she did that? All the aunties and her relatives were inquisitive as to why Tasnim chose to go low key on her wedding. To which Tasnim pointed out that usually brides go through the process of getting extra festive for their wedding against their will. The dress that a bride wears, is usually not worn by her again. But what about those women who want to be comfortable on their own wedding day?

What if they don’t want to wear heavy make up as they will not be let them enjoy their own wedding day because they know that their base will keep on cracking due to smiling or laughing too much?


In her Facebook post, Tasnim further added that she’s not bashing anyone who chooses to wear a heavy dress and gold jewelry on their wedding day

If it makes them happy, she’s all in for that. But Tasnim wanted to prove a point that you can get married without make up and heavy jewelry and still look best for the evening because at the end of the day, all you want is to be happy and celebrate your moment with an open heart.

Source: Hum Network Limited


Pointing out the pressures that desi weddings put upon a woman and how a bride usually turns into a bridezilla while preapring for her wedding Tasnim shared her worries

She wrote, “I have hardly attended any wedding where I didn’t overhear people gossiping: “Is the bride pretty enough?” “How much gold does she have on?” “How much did her dress cost?”

Growing up listening to these questions, a bride feels pressured to look for the best makeup artist in town, pays a hefty amount in time, money and energy, and ends up looking nothing like herself; because the society constantly reminds her that her actual skin color isn’t good enough for her own wedding.”

Via: Tumblr



Of course Tasnim faced a lot of resistance upon taking this decision. Some of the guests even refused to take pictures with her because she didn’t look like a typical bride.

But her husband, Khaled and few of her family members supported her decision as she broke the stereotype of a typical dolled up bride.

Source: Tasnim Jara / Facebook


Here’s her Facebook status where Tasnim poured her heart out about her no makeup look that the internet has fallen in love with

More power to you Tasnim for breaking this stereotype! And for everyone else, here’s a message you should take from this: You do you.

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