Help Nighat Dad Win The Human Rights Tulip Award To Make Internet Safe For Pakistanis

By Haadia Paracha | 3 Sep, 2016

Cover Image via: Internet Society

Sabeen Mehmud was a symbol of human rights activism in Pakistan and stood for what she believed to be right rather unapologetically. She established the T2F to provide a safe space for like-minded individuals and her struggle to fight for the voice of every single side of an argument eventually got nominated for the Human Rights Tulip Award in 2015. Taking the torch forward this year, Digital Rights activist Nighat Dad has been nominated for the prestigious award.


Nighat Dad has been championing internet freedom, women and technology, digital security and women’s empowerment for years.

Source: Insiya Syed Via: TIME

An accomplished lawyer and human rights activist, Nighat founded Digital Rights Foundation from the ground up. She stands as an example for young, determined women who want to start from scratch. Fighting the battle for safe online spaces for all, Nighat has fought for years to ensure female participation on cyber spaces.


After the passing of the Cyber Crimes Bill, Dad’s work has been rendered more important than ever before

Source: makingallvoicescount
Source: makingallvoicescount

Of the many of the freedoms we were promised when the foundation of Pakistan was laid, freedom of expression we’ve been able to retain due to the tireless efforts of civil rights activists like Nighat Dad. DRF’s  “Hamara Internet” project works at the grass-root level, educating college-going girls about digital rights and cyber security. In a society where online harassment is intricately tied to repercussions in real life, these efforts are doubly relevant.  Nighat continues to raise her voice for freedom of speech and right to privacy in digital spaces and your right to read articles such as this.


Having previously won several accolades for Pakistan, it is no surprise that Nighat got nominated for the Dutch Human Rights Tulip Award.

Source: Digital Rights Foundation
Source: Digital Rights Foundation

Nighat was previously named in the TIME magazine’s list of “Next Generation Leaders” in 2015. She has also received Atlantic Council Freedom Award this year. It is always an extremely proud moment to see capable and independent Pakistani women represent Pakistan on international forums such as these.


It is no question that Nighat Dad truly deserves the award this year.

Source: Insiya Syed Via: TIME

The tulip award prize is worth  €100,000 intended to further develop or expand the scale of the winner’s work for human rights. Nighat plans to use the prize money from the award to set up Pakistan’s first ever cyber harassment hotline. Hate speech targeted at minorities and sexual harassment of women and the LGBT community is rampant in online spaces. In several cases, these groups are forced to retreat from these spaces on the account of various threats. A hotline to counsel, advise and connect victims to the authorities if the victim wishes is an urgent need.


Oh and she’s in the top two shortlisted candidates for the award because of the amazing support she has been given so far



Cast your votes NOW to make her win and bring some much needed change to Pakistan


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Voting will end early morning on September 7. Good luck and all the very best, Nighat. Everyone at MangoBaaz is definitely rooting for you!

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