New Zealand Canceled On Pakistan Last Minute. Here's How We Took It

By Zainab Aamir | 20 Sep, 2021

The New Zealand Cricket team decided to call off the match at the last minute after the team was supposedly informed of a “security alert.” Apparently, they chose to back out despite receiving high immunity from the Pakistani government and an in-depth security evaluation, thus, leaving cricket fans extremely disappointed and outraged.


Netizens are furious and many popular voices took to Twitter to voice their displeasure at New Zealand’s abrupt decision.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja shared on Twitter what a “crazy day” it was, concluding the tweet with New Zealand “will hear us at ICC.”


Moreover, Wasim Akram feels let down by New Zealand since Pakistan has proven the security measure for the international games to be of “highest orders.”

Furthermore, the former Cricketer claims that “we are not hearing the whole story.”


Likewise, the “abrupt postponement” by New Zealand has left Captain Babar Azam is “extremely disappointed”. Adding that he has “full trust in the capabilities and credibility of our security agencies.”

On the other hand, Shahid Afridi calls the security concern a “hoax”.

In addition to that, the former Captain of the Pakistani Team urges that action be taken regarding the decision by the New Zealand cricket team.

PCB isn’t far behind. The official Twitter account shared screenshots of the tweets of several cricketers regarding the New Zealand cancellation.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja calls it “shared pain” in a video message to the nation.

Peshawar Zalmi Captain Darren Sammy shares the same sentiments.


In addition to that, many Pakistani Cricketers – including Sarfaraz Ahmed, Shoaib Malik, and Muhammad Hafeez – shared their feelings on the incident as well.


Similarly, Actor Humayun Saeed calls the incident “strange and disturbing”.

Many Twitterati found the last-minute cancellation suspicious, calling it a “conspiracy” or a “defamation tactic”



Many cricket enthusiasts even took this opportunity to make fake accounts of international cricketers to claim how safe the country is.

It got so out of hand that international players had to involve themselves!


Seriously, it’s turning into a meme-fest




What’s your take on the whole scenario? Let us know!

Cover image via @iramizraja / Twitter, Getty Images, @iramizraja / Twitter



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