Mahira Khan's Latest Teaser From “Verna” Is Bloody Fantastic

By Iman Zia | 3 Oct, 2017

Mahira Khan’s highly anticipated film ‘Verna’ is set to release in November, and hype around the film has thus far remained hush. With an emphatic poster of the actress in a vengeful demeanor and with cryptic messages trickling through, the prospect of a tangible trailer was awaited.

Source: HUM Network / ShoMan Productions


And now, Mahira Khan has released a small snippet of the film, and suffice to say we’re rather speechless. We might have just found our own ‘Tomb Raider’ with a splash of ‘Kill Bill’ ladies and gentlemen.

The intense snippet depicts Mahira Khan rush into a bathroom as Punjabi beat drops in the back

Source: Shoman Productions

She’s distressed, angry and has revenge dripping in emotion as she starts beating a seemingly drowning individual in the bathtub

Source: Shoman Productions


There’s a hand that comes out from the tub and grabs her, leaving us all wondering just who that could be

Source: Shoman Productions

The rap, by XPolymer Dar, is powerful, zesty and has a string of rather crude words that only catalyzes Mahira’s dizzying breakdown in the scene

Source: Shoman Productions

The snippet only spurs us on, begging the question as to what has led her to seek such glorified ‘Kill-Bill’ retribution

Source: Shoman Productions


A blood splattered logo of ‘Verna’ emerges afterward, leaving us in complete awe of the man behind the film – Shoaib Mansoor

With this trailer, we also have a release date for the film, pushing aside all rumors about the delays

Source: HUM Network / ShoMan Productions


Pakistanis have naturally, gone absolutely crazy over the teaser


With many hailing the comeback of the ‘Queen’

And others pinning Mahira’s role as the Pakistani ‘Tomb Raider’

Or perfectly coined terms like ‘The Real Zalima’


The teaser has left people thrilled for the film


With fans lauding Mahira’s ardent acting


And Indian ones too going utterly gaga


Watch the snippet now!


What do you think of Verna’s latest teaser? Doesn’t it look enthralling?

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