This Interesting Detail About The Poster Of Mahira's New Movie Makes Us Want Answers RIGHT NOW

By Sarah Babar | 5 Sep, 2017

Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid starrer ‘Verna’ has been the talk of the town, as of late. Directed by the ShoMan himself, Shoaib Mansoor, the film is being hailed as a turning point for Pakistani cinema. And we all know Shoaib Mansoor has the power to do that, given that it was his film, ‘Khuda Ke Liye’ that was credited as being the ‘revival of Pakistani cinema’.

Shoaib Mansoor has a knack for tackling social issues through his work, and Verna looks no different

When the poster first dropped, people went crazy and couldn’t stop gushing over how intense Mahira looked.

Source: Shoman Productions


There were endless lines of praise from all over the world, including Mahira’s former director, Rahul Dholakia


On a closer look, we discovered there was something else going on with the poster, as well

For almost every letter of VERNA, there is another written on top of it. It’s almost like Shoaib Mansoor left us some Easter eggs on the poster.

Source: ShoMan Productions



Source: ShoMan Productions

Aabroo roughly translates to honor and dignity and is usually used in the female connotation.



Source: ShoMan Productions

Ismat means purity, chastity, modesty, infallibility, immaculate, impeccability, faultlessness.



Source: ShoMan Productions

Umeed means hope.



Source:ShoMan Productions

The most delicate of them all, in our society, izzat, is honor.



Source: ShoMan Productions

Takkabur translates to arrogance and being egoistic.


These words paint a very dark picture in our eyes, and we’re very curious to know how the story of Mahira Khan pans out in Verna.


The blood on the letters

Source: ShoMan Productions


Why such subtle details and what do they mean?

We love ’em for sure but like we need answers and we need them RIGHT NOW

Source: ShoMan Productions


The gashes on Mahira’s arm

Source: ShoMan Productions


What’s it all about?

Source: ShoMan Productions


All of these factors are only adding fuel to the fire that’s ignited in our brains, regarding the movie.


While we’re still trying to decipher the rest of the poster, we love the fact that just the first look of the movie has gotten audiences so hooked on! We can’t wait to find out more about Verna so stay locked to the page for more updates!

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