NESCAFÉ Basement Has Officially Ended And We're So Grateful For All The Music We've Been Blessed With

By MangoBaaz Studio | 29 Mar, 2019

This season of Nescafé Basement has been a total treat for the Pakistani awaam and no one wants it to end so soon!

The show has been a total hit this season, pushing out wonders after wonders and a treat for almost everyone – no matter which genre you prefer.

From being an awesome as hell trip down memory lane with our all-time favorite “Mehbooba”

Via NESCAFÉ Basement

To setting the charts on fire with the newcomer Abdullah Siddiqui and the refreshingly new wave of EDM in the Pakistani music scene!

Via NESCAFÉ Basement

But most importantly, the ENTIRE season has been all about that youth!

We saw an 8 year old beat even the best of the best at an alaap, an all kids band taking center stage and an 18 year old setting up entirely new charts for himself. The dedication that NESCAFÉ Basement and Xulfi has put up in making  sure that talent shows through, regardless of the age, has been absolutely commendable and has blessed us all with so many gems!

Via NESCAFÉ Basement

The season not only came forth with a lot of originals, but also took a surprising take on so many classics that we’ve all loved to death!

I mean, who ever thought that you’d fall in love with an instrumental cover of Aadat, the same which we all tried our hands on as soon as we found ourselves with a guitar? And then you introduce Gohar Mumtaz to add to the awesomeness! Only NESCAFÉ Basement has shown the kind of wonders and has left us all in complete awe.

Via NESCAFÉ Basement

And honestly, you cover originals and you forget the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan? Never. But you do all of that while doing absolute justice to everything?

We’re all screaming, TBH.

This NESCAFÉ Basement Paid Tribute To Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Feeling lonely with 2525522 others.

Gepostet von MangoBaaz Video am Samstag, 23. Februar 2019

And OH MY GOD what was Gharoli with all the amazing Abida Parveen vibesssss



This year’s NESCAFÉ Basement has been so incredible, that even our neighbors from across the border are amazed!

Source: YouTube

All in all, the entire season has been absolutely tremendous and awe-inspiring. It’s been all about raw talent, and about pure music – no frills whatsoever. It’s music that brought us all together, and made us all enjoy what we love. This year’s NESCAFÉ Basement has been an absolute treat, and we can’t wait for what’s next in store.

This post has been sponsored by NESCAFÉ Pakistan.

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