This Nepali Meme Is Going Viral In Pakistan And It Is Extremely Problematic

By Rameeza Ahmad | 18 Sep, 2018

Meme culture is growing by the day in Pakistan. And people tend to glue on to every little thing and make memes out of it for the lols. But unknowingly we might be making the jokes at someone’s expense.

The latest meme trend in Pakistan is the ‘Nepali Memes’. Someone unearthed a video of Allama Zameer Akhtar Naqvi, telling the audience about an incident which involved men young in Nepal. The Shia cleric is telling the crowd about Nepali men who used to go and do matam, which was apparently so intense that they would all end up dying.

But when evening came, the men would resurrect with no injuries and go home.

Now since it is Muharram, the video has surfaced and people are using it to ridicule the story and in association the belief.

Nepali Londay is lit

The greatest scene of all time 🔥

Gepostet von Memes By Akhir am Sonntag, 16. September 2018

And people are relentlessly making jokes about the entire thing. The memes center around the claim that Nepali men resurrect after death.

And unless you know the backstory about the meme, you probably will not understand it. And will be left scratching your head and confused.

And some of the memes are borderline racist as well.

And overall, the meme trend is getting slightly out of hand.

A lot of people do not understand why it is so offensive and we need to stop using it. It is hurting a lot of peoples’ religious sentiments which should be reason enough for one to stop using it. And there are people who are hurt by the use of this meme. And if a meme is at the expense of an entire community, maybe it should be let go.

Source: memes by Akhir via Facebook

People are ridiculing a strong belief a sect has for a few laughs. And a lot of people from this sect believe that it is unfair to make this meme viral because it makes their beliefs look ridiculous and it is unfair to give a platform to a man a lot of people within the community itself do not hold in high regard.

What do you think about this offensive meme? Let us know in the comments.

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