You All Need To Meet Bilal Abbas Khan's Family Because They're All Just As Cute As He Is

By Arslan Athar | 15 Feb, 2018

Bilal Abbas Khan is our drama industry’s latest pretty boy and has been taking the serial world by storm. His performances have wowed us and he’s turned us all into his undying fans, with ‘O Rungreza’ and ‘Qurban.’


However, other than his performances and public persona, we know very little about Bilal’s personal life

Occasionally, on Instagram, he posts pictures with his family, but that’s about it. So, MangoBaaz decided to ask him about his family and this is what he had to tell us:

Source: @shahbazabbas.khan

Bilal’s father is a government officer and currently serves as a DSP in Karachi! 

Bilal’s entire family supports him, but he’s always held that his father is his number one fan.

Source: @bilalabbas_khan

And we can see, pretty clearly, that Bilal gets his posing power from his dad

Source: @bilalabbas_khan

…And some from his mom too 

…Who by the way is also a fashion designer! Talent tou bhara wa hai khaandan mein 

Source: @bilalabbas_khan


Also btw, his parents make such an amazing couple 

Source: @sanataus


Moving out to the slightly messier territory – siblings! Bilal has 3 of them, 2 brothers and a sister, with the sister being the eldest and Bilal sort of in the middle.

The eldest sibling is Sana Tauseef

Source: @bilalabbas_khan

Oh, so much brother sister love!

Source: @bilalabbas_khan


Sana is married and has a beautiful 6-year-old son

Source: @sanataus

When we asked Bilal which sibling he’s closest too, he said ‘Shahbaz’ (the youngest one) 

“He’s my partner in crime,” Bilal says.

Source: @bilalabbas_khan

Bilal’s oldest brother, Umair, lives in London which is probably why we just couldn’t find any photos of him EXCEPT this adorable one with all the boys huddled around Amma

Source: @bilalabbas_khan


All of Bilal’s siblings are either married or engaged and well, that leaves him as the only single Khan left!

Single did you say…

Source: Deedle Dee Productions


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