Nazia Hassan's Brother, Zoheb, Is Threatening To Sue Her Ex For Making A Movie On Her Life And Fans Are Furious

By Sannia Bilal | 17 Sep, 2018

Nazia Hassan has been one of the most loved and respected personalities in Pakistan. She was a legendary singer, song-writer and humanitarian.


Nazia died at the age of 35 in year 2000 after her battle with Cancer but has been known as the Queen Of Pop in South Asia even after almost two decades of her death.

The singer rose to fame shortly after her first album ‘Disco Diwaane‘ was released, selling almost 65 million records worldwide. It’s almost impossible to find anyone who hasn’t been a fan of the Aap Jaisa Koi singer who left too soon.



Recently, Nazia’s brother Zoheb Hassan, a singer in his own right, has threatened to sue Nazia’s ex-husband for allegedly making a biopic on her life to profit from it

He said that her ex-husband, Mirza Ishtiaq Baig, is working on a film on her life and will be featuring himself to profit from her name and fame and that her family is planning to sue him because he has no right or basis to make a movie on her.


Nazia Hassan married the businessman Mirza Ishtiaq Baig in 1995 and had a son Arez Hassan, in 1997.

According to an earlier interview, Zoheb Hassan talked about how the singer kept her family in the dark about the pain she was having to endure during her marriage and got divorced days before her death. He also said that she died “an unhappy person and in pain”.



Soon after his tweet, Nazia Hassan’s fans spoke up and seemed to be furious about the entire thing.

Some stated their resentment on the idea.



Others suggested that Zoheb himself should make a biopic on the legendary singer.


While some admitted that her fans will undeniably be watching the movie


And some even compared Nazia’s husband to former President Asif Ali Zardari


Some people made speculations that her son Arez is making this movie with his father so the move may not be that “offensive”


And then there were so many who offered their support to Zoheb.




Well, if the news is true or not, one thing is for sure, Nazia Hassan has an extremely devoted fan following that will not let anyone take advantage of her even after her death. The true example of a legend.

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