Nawaz Sharif Met With David Cameron As Soon As He Resigned And This Is What Happened

Nawaz Sharif Met With David Cameron As Soon As He Resigned And This Is What Happened

Nawaz Sharif Met With David Cameron As Soon As He Resigned And This Is What Happened

Brexit did not only cause trouble in the British economy, its shook the political structures causing our dear Cameron bhai to resign. Before leaving the premiership he announced that Theresa May baji would take over.

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Har dil aziz Nawaz Sharif sahab was beyond shocked when he heard this abomination and within minutes had a PIA plane deboard all it’s passengers and had it take his family and him to London.

Source: Tribune

Why is the entire family going you ask?

Woh na actually all that shopping from Harrods needed to be refunded because size ghalat le liya tha Mian Sahab ne! Aik teer mein dou shikaar! 

After landing in London, Nawaz Sharif Sahab left for 10th Downing Street and the rest of the family to Harrods (refund period khatam honay wala tha, it was an emergency).


Mr. Sharif seeing off David Cameron at 10th Downing Street

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Our special reporter, Queen Elizabeth, reported this conversation to have allegedly have happened between Nawaz Sharif, 10 Downing Street personnel and later, David Cameron and Nawaz Sharif.

Here is what went down:


Mian Sahab: *looking at piece of paper* David Cameron kithay? I talk to him.

Guard: He’s vacated 10th Downing Street because you know, he isn’t Prime Minister anymore.

Mian Sahab: This is too fast! Iktidaar ka tou koi faida ho, pehle bunda resign karay upar se ghar se bhi foran nikala jaey.

Mian Sahab: Where is Cameron’s Raiwind house?



After much trouble, Mian Sahab finally reached Cameron bhai’s new home and this is what he saw:

Source: Syed Saad

Cameron: Nawaz is that you? What are you doing here?

Mian Sahab: Cameron Bhai, tussi acha nahin kita! Why you leave your, umm kaise kehte hai, ummm, Why you leave your throne?

Cameron: My throne? Oh Nawaz I was only ever Prime Minister, not the King.

Mian Sahab: Same to same jee! But whatever, why you resign?

Cameron: Because I made a bad decision. I couldn’t save my premiership after Brexit.

Mian Sahab: Oh chuddo jee! We all make the mistakes. Iss ka ye matlab nahin that you resign. Look at me or Sher -e-Punjab. If I resign like you I would only be Prime Minister ik vaari! Hosla Karo Cameron Bhai.

Cameron: Nawaz Nawaz Nawaz, my country and I don’t see eye to eye…..

Mian Sahab: Eye to Eye? That’s by Taher Shah.


Source: Tribune

*Cameron walks off*


After the interaction with David Cameron, Nawaz Sharif sent a message to his daughter, that we have exclusively obtained for our readers:

Ajeeb qaum hai ye. Acha bhalla iktidaar mein rehta. Brexit jaye bharr mein. Banday nu kursi na hoye te koi qadar nahi hoti. Awaam ke liye kon aata hai iktidaar mein. Khair chuddo, Maryam beti mere liye Harrods mein intizaar karein, winter collection bhi tou pora karna hai na.


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