‘Sona Chandi' Writer Munnu Bhai Passed Away And The Country Is Weeping

By Sarah Babar | 19 Jan, 2018

Today we lost another legend: Munir Ahmed Qureshi who is more commonly, and fondly, known as Munnu Bhai. Anyone who has even an inkling of Pakistani literature is familiar with the words of Munnu Bhai. What started off as a career as a translator for an Urdu newspaper, turned into a prolific career, making Munnu Bhai one of the biggest names in the written and modern word


While he was working as a translator, he realised his calling lay in drama writer, and so he began

Source: dawn.com


In 1982, he wrote one of the most famous plays, to date: ‘Sona Chandi’

Source: unewstv.com

The story revolved around a couple who moved from the village to the city in hopes of attaining better quality of life


His other work also includes ‘Dasht’

Source: wazirabad.wordpress.com

A play about the Balochi tribes in Gwadar, Baluchistan


As a poet, Munnu Bhai was regarded as one of the best in recent Punjabi literature and poetry

Source: pakistanisource.com


He received the Pride of Performance Award from Pervez Musharraf, the then-President of Pakistan, in 2007

Source: saatchiart.com


Recently, his columns in the Daily Jang have always gripped its readers

Source: jang.com.pk


People were sending their condolences from all over, including known names like Bilawal Bhutto


People quoted his work as a tribute to him


Some even attached his recitations


Mira Hashmi recollected the first time she worked with Munnu Bhai


Adeel Hashmi was full of praise for Munnu Bhai’s strength and resilience


Munnu Bhai truly was one of the greatest we’ve ever seen and it has been an honor to be from the same country as him


Senator Sherry Rehman spoke about how generations have benefited from his work


We, indeed, are all poorer today


Rest in peace, Munnu Bhai, you’ll never be forgotten




Cover image via dawn.com

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