Muneeb Butt Believes Dating Is The “Ghalat Raasta” And People In Love Should Get Married ASAP

By Iman Zia | 5 Jul, 2019

My thoughts after watching Muneeb Butt’s interview are bundled up into one word; soft. The actor exuded such a delicacy in his interview with Samina Peerzada, I couldn’t help truly respect him for his elegance, grace, and groundedness. He revealed details about his childhood, as per ‘Rewind With Samina’ fashion, and went on to talk about his married life with fellow actress Aiman Muneeb.

Source: Rewind With Samina Peerzada / YouTube


Muneeb reaffirmed that he and his wife were best friends first before they fell in love, stemming from an aforementioned interview with Aiman. They first met on sets of a telefilm, and when a friend asked Muneeb about Aiman, he dismissed her as a “chohti behen” and nothing more; “Aiman aur mein age mein 6/7 saal ka difference hai.” It was on their third project together when Muneeb had just stumbled out of a bad phase in his life (to be more specific, a bad relationship). He was on a drive with her – they were already very close and would often spend time together – and it just hit him. “Why not Aiman?” He asked himself, and that was it.

Source: Rewind With Samina Peerzada / YouTube


Muneeb’s thoughts about dating were particularly interesting; he admitted that he’s strongly against dating, saying “mein sakht khilaaf hoon.” For Muneeb, if you love someone then you shouldn’t use “delaying tactics” because that’s an excuse for boys to abuse their relationship with women, and often mistreat them. It’s disrespectful, according to Muneeb, that men want time before they pop the question – because there’s a chance they don’t ever get down on one knee.

Source: Rewind With Samina Peerzada / YouTube


With Aiman, Muneeb made it clear he wanted to marry her as soon as he fell in love with her. He told her to inform her parents that he’d be sending his parents over with a “rishta” and “mithai.” He insisted on courting Aiman the right way; “mujhe ghalat raasta pe jaana hi nahi hai.”



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