After Destroying Qandeel, Mufti Qavi Has Unleashed Himself On Another Innocent Woman In A New Viral Video

By Aam Nawab | 25 Jan, 2019

Mufti Qavi has appeared in a new video


Mufti Abdul Qavi has remained a constant in many headlines over the last three years. While his direct involvement with Qandeel Baloch’s murder has yet to be proven in court, the fact that to some extent he might have been involved seems pretty obvious to anyone who might be following the case.

He has somehow evaded arrest multiple times and is out and about in the world with no considerable damage to his reputation. He is still regarded as a Mufti and commands people’s respect wherever he goes.


Even thought Qandeel Baloch’s father, Azeem, has said multiple times that Mufti Qavi is guilty of her murder, there has not been much action on him

Qandeel’s father even accused the cleric of allegedly offering the family money if they remove his name from the murder charge.

While his interaction with Qandeel wasn’t new but the two came to public prominence after the two were first linked to one another when selfies of their encounter went viral. Mufti Abdul Qavi had to face a lot of issues because of the images, which apparently damaged his reputation as a Muslim cleric and resulted in his membership of the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee and the National Ulema Mushaikh Council being suspended.

Source: Qandeel Baloch Official


Every time Mufti Abdul Qavi has been arrested, he somehow easily gets bailed out.

Merely doing a keyword search on Google for ‘Mufti Qavi bailed’ shows you just how many times he has managed to evade arrest.


While Poor Qandeel suffered her fate for “behayai” and ruining her family’s honor over those antics, Qavi remains unscathed. How is Mufti Abdul Qavi able to evade arrest and jail time every single time? I understand that he’s a man which makes things vastly easier. And him being a person with religious standing in society also plays in his favor. But honestly, how can he have so much influence, that he can get away with doing anything?


Now another video of him with a young woman is going viral on the internet

The video is similar in nature to the type of pictures and clips of him which came out with Qandeel Baloch a few years ago, pictures and videos which ultimately lead to her murder.

In this new video, Mufti Abdul Qavi is accompanying a transgender woman Shanaya Gul in a TikTok video to the songShanaya appears to rest her head on the cleric’s shoulder.

Later on she explained that the video meant nothing and she respected Mufti sahab like one would respect a father and people should not assume things just because she rested her head on his shoulder for a few seconds.

While Shanaya’s explanation might be true, the last time a video such as this came out, the end was tragic for the woman who had posted it.


What’s even more disgusting is the public reaction him as if he’s harmless and even celebrating him as a comedian than a man who may have been involved in someone’s murder

Mufti Abdul Qavi is a primary suspect in an on-going murder case. He is anything but harmless, he allegedly murdered a woman just because he thought she made him look bad on social media.

Source: ARY News Official via Facebook

I just hope this escape act doesn’t last forever.

What do you think about Mufti Qavi’s latest video? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover Image Source: ARY News

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