13 Mouthwatering Things In Karachi You NEED To Eat For Breakfast

By Alia Eva | 14 Jan, 2017

These are the the perfect  you love breakfast foods and happen to live in (or visit) Karachi, these are a few breakfast items you absolutely need to try. So drop all you’re doing because this is a list you definitely want to check off.

Also, make sure you’ve plenty of money because some of these options are a bit pricey, but also totally worth it if you like to throw money on food… or better yet, get yourself someone with a bigger wallet 😉


1. The Ferrero Rocher at Cosmopolitan 

A pancake stack with Belgian Chocolate Mousse between the layers with a dark Chocolate Ganache topping and some whipped cream at the bottom. Yes, it’s definitely as orgasmic at it sounds.

Source: Alia Eva


2. Mushroom Cheese Omelette at New York Coffee

An omelette with sauteed mushrooms with melted cheese served with a hash brown, sun dried tomato, bread and fresh fruit salad. This is not just a filling breakfast but also immensely healthy.

Source: foodnetwork.co.uk


3. Classic Homemade Granola at Xander’s

This Homemade Toasted Granola with Raspberry Coulis, Thickened Yogurt and Seasonal Fruits will be the most refreshing start to your day.

Source: Saadia Tariq


4. Steak & Eggs at New York Coffee

This high protein breakfast is all you need for the gainzzz; your choice of eggs (scrambled or fried) served with steak(available in chicken), roasted baby potatoes, asparagus, fresh salad, toast, jam and of course butter.

Source: Facebook/New York Coffee


5. Cheese, Pepperoni and Onion Omelette at Espresso

This three egg omelette with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, sliced pepperoni and chopped onions is exactly what we call breakfast of the champions.

Source: Facebook/ESPRESSO


6. Scrambled Eggs Topped With Sauteed Mushrooms at Vintage

Served with baked tomatoes and roasted rosemary potatoes on the side. Also, try the cookie shots there – so yum!

Source: Facebook/Vintage


7. Nutella and Strawberry Pancakes at Vintage

I don’t think this even needs a description, just the picture is enough to make you salivate.

Source: Facebook/Vintage


8. Red Velvet Pancakes at Mews

This one’s a dream come true for all Red Velvet lovers! And also, it’s totally Instagram worthy- just look how pretty it looks. *swoons*

Source: Facebook/Mews


9. Nutella French Toast at Bella Vita

Sweet, simple and totally worth it.

Source: Facebook/Bella Vita


10. The Ultimate Waffle Sundae at Lal’s

Waffle with chocolate and vanilla gelato, fresh bananas, topped with roasted almonds and chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Source: WordPress/Pakman Official


11. The Italian at Cosmopolitan

Omelette with Creamed Spinach, Herb Curd, Chunky Tomato Sauce and Turkey Bacon with a Mozzarella Panini.

Source: Instagram/cafecosmopolitan


12. Whole Wheat Waffles at N’eco’s

Served with caramel and bananas, this is the healthy breakfast we all need!

Source: Instagram/khi_food_guide


13. Skinny Omelette at Xander’s

Beaten egg whites served with green chilies, cherry tomatoes, spring onions and homemade ricotta, this is the most apt breakfast for all those watching their calorie intake.

Source: Instagram/khi_food_guide



What’s your idea of a perfect breakfast?

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