These Are Possibly The Most Annoying Female Characters From Pakistani Dramas

By Sarah Babar | 23 Mar, 2018

Have you ever been watching Pakistani Dramas and come across characters that irk your entire existence? The kind who have got you screaming at the screens just because they’re being annoying? Sometimes they’re not saying the right thing. Or going the wrong direction. Or just not looking up when the love of their lives are standing RIGHT there and missing them by a split second?


Straight up, Mannu from “Mann Mayal”

Source: HUM Network

Mannu tau was just possibly one of the most annoying characters that have ever come on screen in Pakistani dramas. Constantly telling Salahuddin she doesn’t love him. Again and again and again. While she was in love with him. Also choosing to stay in that horrible loveless marriage with Mikael. And bearing him two kids. Still choosing to stay in the marriage. Just to not be with Salahuddin out of some weird zidd that she had to prove to him that she wouldn’t want to be with him.



Farida Aunty from “Humsafar”

Source: HUM Network

The woman still scares the living daylights out of me. Imagine a woman who has the power to turn your life around. And then uses all of it to bring you down. The woman was unrelenting in her journey to make Khirad’s life a living hell. To the point where it just got so annoying.



Zubia from “Khamoshi”

Source: HUM Network

Behen, ager Shahram aap se pyaar nahi kerta tau what’s the big deal? She becomes so overbearing with the whole ‘you will only marry me and not anybody else’ and her mother to only fuel her craziness with the whole Shahram situation.



Sammi’s Mum from “Sammi”

Source: HUM Network

Anyone who tries giving their daughter off for the crimes her son has committed. Is okay with her daughter being married to a man younger or older, than her. Is okay with her being paraded around town, just so her son can be free of any and all charges is possibly the most annoying kind of human.



Asmara from “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”

Source: HUM Network

Woman just didn’t know when to stop. Even after Zarun was married, Asmara didn’t leave him alone. And it ended up turning things sour between Kashaf and Zarun.



Saba from “Bin Roye”

Source: HUM Network

Okay. We get it. Unrequited love and all. And love hurts and sucks more than any other emotion. But you figured out that the man you love loves your sister. We get it. Moving on is also possibly one of the worst transitions in life. Lekin beta ITNA reaction?



Anmol from “Dil Lagi”


Pushing away a man who loves you so much he’s willing to face and bear anything and everything for you. And insulting him. And constantly putting him down…how does that make sense?



Faryal from “Yakeen Ka Safar”

Source: HUM Network

Woah woah woah woman, you were on a different level altogether throughout the course of this drama. First you wouldn’t get off your high horse. Then you wouldn’t support the man who loved you the most, during the time he needed you the most. And then when he’s finally moving on with his life, you come back, trying to bring him down all over again?



Faraah from “Diyar e Dil”

Source: HUM Network

Maybe this is a running theme for most HUM Tv dramas. When you have a man who loves you more than his own life, you leave him behind and you keep fighting that love?



Sara from “Humsafar”

via Netflix

Okay, possibly on top of the pyramid. Minus her untimely end and the unfortunate way she had to go. But, to try and make so many lives miserable. Playing party to a plan where you know someone’s life will be ruined. And then clinging on to Asher even though he had become so happy in his life with Khirad.


Who do you think is the most annoying of them all? Let us know in the comments below! Okay byeeee ~

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