These Zodiac Signs Have A High Chance Of Finding Love Tonight Because Of The Moon

By Hurmat Riaz | 20 Sep, 2017

Moon is on a roll this year. Kabhi zameen kay rastay main aa jata hai aur kabhi Sooraj kay. Now, it’s blocking the path of other celestialĀ bodies and hence affecting the life of the zodiacs that are ruled by those planets.


Since it’s a Mooney Mischief, the areas affected in your life have something to do with your heart *wink wink, nudge nudge*

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These are the zodiac signs that will get affected by the moon’s path tonight

Gemini and Virgo

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Gemini and Virgo are the zodiacs ruled by Mercury. Moon will cross its path this evening and this is what you should be aware of:

Revelation, revelation, and revelation. If someone is hiding something from you or is not being honest with you, it’s time that they’ll come up to you and you’ll face some hard, ground facts. Reality might hit you hard but you’ll go through it with effective communication and by keeping your head towards finding the truth.


Taurus and Libra

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Moon crossed Venus’ path last night and this planet rules Taurus and Libra. The planet already signifies love, beauty, creativity, and energy. So you guys might face some twists and turns in your love life. You’ll be more focused in finding your own interpretation of true love. This doesn’t specifically mean that you’ll find that special someone in your life. Reflecting on your ideas about love might help you in deciding and planning your love life in the longer run.


Aries and Scorpio

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Friends, stay on alert as Moon is on its way to block Mars’ course right now. Don’t run or panic. It’s fine. As you already have competitive and combat tendencies, it’s better to lay low and reassess how you’re dealing your problems at work or home or wherever you’re facing them. Since Moon is in your way, instead of taking charge at every other opportunity, sit in the back seat for a while and enjoy the show till the moon leaves your way.


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Unlike eclipses, an occultation is not a visual phenomenon and its effects are very broad and wide but majorly if you feel mood swings and are indecisive when it comes to the matters of the heart, it’s because of the moon. So, you all, lay low and watch your step before making a decision.


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