Momina Mustehsan And Danyal Zafar Are Engaged In A Twitter Feud Right Now And We're So Entertained

By MangoBaaz Studio | 12 Sep, 2017

All things Momina Mustehsan are worthy of discussion and we endorse it


Our love for Momina is not a hidden secret, we appreciate everyone that’s talented and bringing joy to the people. And what better way to bring joy to the people than indulging in some fun food banter, right? That’s exactly what Momina did with fellow singer and friend Danyal Zafar, on Twitter, recently.


So Danyal Zafar shared that post-bakra Eid desi food overdose he’s kinda done with Pakistani food but Momina jumped right in with her love for all things desi

In a swift retort to Danyal, she said she would much rather nibble on some savory seekh kebabs than a grilled burger, any day.


And thus was born a food war of sorts on Twitter

Seeing the two going at it, people were really eager to jump in with their preferences


Desi food lovers came to Momina’s rescue


Biryani addicts jumped in


And daal chaawal lovers

Someone even announced bhindi as their favorite


And Zayn Malik’s love for desi food was also admired


But this guy had the best response to it all


On the other hand, Danyal’s vilayati khana team were rejoicing in their non-desi food love

It seems Italian was a big thing among the crowd

Like this Pizza/Lasagna cheesy hybrid


In the end, Momina had the final word


Actually, there’s no final word yet

How about you tell us? What do you prefer? Desi ya angraizi?


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