Pakistanis Are Bored Right Now Because Of The Opening Ceremony For The Match With World XI

By Iman Zia | 12 Sep, 2017

Preparations have been avidly underway for what is touted as the day ‘cricket comes home.’ The entire country has come together at long last to welcome the return of international cricket, with 11 fantastic players entitled as the World XI from around the world gathering to play Pakistan in what will be an enthralling three-day series.

In upholding true expectations, everyone had incredibly high expectations with Independence Cup’s opening ceremony

With everyone decked in their best outfits.



And preparations under way




And many remembering possibly the greatest moment in Pakistani cricket history


The entire country was gripped in excitement

Walled City Authorities arrived in Mughal costumes too.



Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Najam Sethi declared how important this series was too


And while Boom Boom Afridi too expressed his zest at the match…


Rumor had it that a special tribute will be made to Lala


Lahore is officially under siege, with roads blocked around the stadium as everyone makes their way to catch a glimpse of the match


While in the morning the stadium was gloriously empty as final touches were put in place…


Have a look at how it filled up before the match…


Gorgeously rich rickshaws were set in place to take part in the Opening ceremony too, and hopes for a spectacular opening ceremony were awaited


And the World XI were welcomed into the grand Gaddafi stadium on these very rickshaws

Source: @Dunyanews/Twitter


Source: @Dunyanews/Twitter


Source: @Dunyanews/Twitter


Have a look at the wonderful entrance below

The players adoringly interacted with the growing audience as they passed by


Imran Tahir had an emotional message too, saying “it’s really nice to come home”


And while Pakistanis were expecting a little more



With some awaiting the opening ceremony a little too passionately


The tossing of the match quickly unraveled, ending any scope of expecting something more in the opening ceremony


Okay, so by the standards of other events, the opening ceremony was a little underwhelming, we were hoping for a little more. It really was wonderful that the players arrived on rickshaws dipped in Pakistani art, however, everyone expected a grand, grand ceremony. What did you think of the ceremony? Was it up to your expectations?

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