Mohsin Abbas Haider And His Wife Are Both Claiming To Have Won The Case & It’s All Very Messy

By Rameeza Ahmad | 29 Aug, 2019

The Mohsin Abbas Haider case blew up on the internet but it’s only just begun

When allegations against Mohsin Abbas Haider’s from his estranged wife about physical, verbal and mental abuse came up, all of social media was ablaze with outrage. A few celebrities even came out in support of Fatima Sohail and some even supported her allegations by claiming to be witnesses.


The Mohsin Abbas Haider case took an interesting turn after the actor claimed last night that he had “won” the case and “proven true” in the court of law

One of the allegations Fatima made was that Mohsin had taken 50 lakh rupees from her but since there were no money trails to prove this, Mohsin Abbas Haider was not charged for extorting money from her. And to drive his innocence home, he uploaded a video on social media talking about how he was innocent and wrongly accused.

His lawyer was next to him and talked about how Mohsin was wronged and the law sided with him. They gave a long speech about his innocence and then Mohsin made a petty remark about how he saw some of the people in the entertainment industry who had unfriended him on Facebook and had made note of who they were.

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Mohsin also called out fellow actors and the media who had called him out for the wrongful behavior and distanced themselves from him.


His estranged wife immediately lashed out about his claims, sharing news reports stating otherwise


Soon, Fatima Sohail shared that she too had won the case

From Mohsin’s video you would have assumed that Mohsin Abbas Haider has been proven not guilty for all crimes and had been wrongly accused. However, the truth according to Fatima Sohail and her lawyer is much different. She uploaded a video countering Mohsin’s claims.

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Alhamdullilah,🙏 Mohsin Abbas Haider found guilty of ridiculing and threatening his wife! Mohsin is proven guilty! I have on several occassions already mentioned that I did not lodge an FIR on that night. The medical I have is doctor's immediate screening in form of prescription and medication. I uploaded that for public & I am glad to do so. Let's not give any one 's acting skill change the course of truth. Over this tenure I have received 100s of messages of ladies going through same ordeal. I am lucky to have a voice of 1000s of people but 1000s of ladies have voice of none. I will not back out! I will fight this! If I can, so can you! I will not let a drama change the course. Thankyou & grateful for the support! AND Mr Mohsin, High Time! Stop your lies..

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Fatima’s lawyer clarified that the case had not even gone to court yet and right now it had only reached the stage where the police had registered the complaint and charged the perpetrators with them. And while the admitted that Mohsin Abbas Haider was not charged with the claim where he took money from Fatima because of lack of evidence, the other claims of intimidation, abuse and threatening were all recorded and he had indeed been charged under them. However, he had escaped arrest due to alleged special treatment he has been receiving due to his reach, according to Fatima Sohail and her lawyer.


Both parties in the Mohsin Abbas Haider case have now presented contradicting statements and things are getting even messier than before

Naturally, people are just very confused.

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What do you think about the statements from the couple? Let us know in the comments below.


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