Mohammad Amir Just Trolled Virat Kohli For His Look-Alike In “Ertugrul”

By Rameeza Ahmad | 15 May, 2020

Mohammad Amir is trying to secretly get Virat Kohli to watch Ertugrul

Diliris: Ertugrul is the latest television show to grip the entire nation. While the show is originally set and produced in Turkey, the series was dubbed in Urdu and released on PTV recently after PM Imran Khan recommended it so now it’s a massive hit in the country.


Mohammad Amir also appears to be one of the fervent fans of Drilis: Ertugrul



Well, he saw someone on the show who looked a little familiar…

Source: Tekden Films


Mohammad Amir trolled Virat Kohli for his look-alike, Dogan Bey, on the show Drilis: Ertugrul

Dogan Alp or ‘Roshan’ as his name has been dubbed in the Urdu version, reminded Mohammad Amir of his cricketing buddy from across the border, Virat Kohli. So he decided to tweet him about it asking whether it’s him in the show because Mohammad Amir was confused!


Quite a few people actually agree with Mohammad Amir comparing Virat Kholi with Dogan Bey from Ertugrul


Some had other comparisons they started making


While Indians were just plain… confused, lol

Clearly the craze for Ertugrul has not reached the other side of the border.

The Turkish historical production about the life and times of Ertugrul Ghazi who was the father of Othman the First, the founder of the Ottomon Empire has arguable taken over Pakistani social media, right now. While one reason for that is the fact that the Prime Minister recommended it, one can’t also help but admire the fantastic production for a show about Muslim history. The story has resonated with Pakistanis because of the historical significance it has in terms of Islam and how it spread. The beautiful cinematography and visual effects just add to the shows brilliance.

Now fans, and us, are waiting for Virat Kohli to reply to Mohammad Amir because honestly, that would be the cherry on top of the cake.

Also, tell us do you thin Dogan looks like Virat Kohli?


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