Model Sabeeka Imam Just Announced Her Breakup With Hasnain Lehri With An EXTRA AF Photo Shoot

By Anoosha Rehan | 19 Dec, 2019

Sabeeka Imam and Hasnain Lehri ke liye it’s “game over”

Models Sabeeka Imam and Hasnain have been known for making a charismatic couple. Their fans were extremely excited to learn about the fashionable duo being together. However, Sabeeka just shared a photo shoot of theirs on Instagram, announcing her breakup and putting an end to all the rumors.


We’ve stanned Sabeeka Imam and Hasnain Lehri, for quite a while



So naturally, we were kinda confused when Sabeeka Imam shared this photo on her Instagram stories

Source: @sabeekaimam / Instagram


The model later announced her split-up with Hasnain Lehri through an Instagram post, clearly explaining the current dynamics between the two

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T H E E N D And so this journey officially comes to an end. It has been a long time since we both realised that our paths are destined to be separate. After multiple attempts and much consideration we have called it quits. I am sharing this on social media because I'm tired of answering questions about my status and going through interrogations about why. I’m tired of people’s opinions and involvement. I'm tired of pretending that things are ok so that I can keep a facade going. I'm tired of people assuming that I'm engaged or getting married. There was a proposal but unfortunately it did not materialise due to irreconcilable differences. I would like to request everyone to just let this difficult time pass as our friends and families are involved and I don't want them to go through any further pain or disappointment.

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Sabeeka expressed her weariness regarding all the constant assumptions relating to her relationship status. She urged everyone to let the hard times pass as there’s already so much on her plate

In her caption, she officially called off the relationship and told that the decision was made after a lot of consideration. The inevitable differences between the two led them to mutually end their relationship.

Source: @sabeekaimam / Instagram


The news of Sabeeka Imam and Hasnain Lehri separating has definitely been devastating for fans of the couple


Sabeeka Imam and Hasnain Lehri were among the two very talented and good-looking individuals so their couple was also widely beloved

Although the news is heart-wrenching, yet the fans still wish well for the two individuals to find peace and happiness, even if it means parting ways. Sabeeka and Hasnain have always received unanimous love and appreciation from their fans, and seeing the two powerhouses together was a treat to the eyes. However, we still wish both of them everlasting happiness and success wherever they go.


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