This Lahori Artist's Powerful Paintings Show How Insecure We Are Underneath The Rich And Lavish Lifestyle

By Alveena Jadoon | 11 Dec, 2017

This powerful artist from Lahore has managed to capture our vulnerabilities despite all the airs we put to show a rich and lavish lifestyle around us. Her work is eye-catching and extremely hard-hitting, at the same time.

Heraa Khan is a contemporary visual artist from Lahore

She has been teaching art in Lahore, New York and Texas. Miniature art is her forte, and she also conducted a course on miniature painting at the International Summer Academy of Salzburg, Austria. She completed her Bachelors from National College of Arts (Fine Arts) in 2012. She specialised in miniature painting. She went on to host several solo exhibitions and has participated in a number of national and international shows.

She received the Ruth Katzman scholarship for a residency at the Art Student’s League Residency at Vyt, NY, USA and was awarded a residency at the Bone Black Gallery, Texas, USA in 2016.




Heraa specialized in the traditional techniques of Mughal and Persian miniature painting. She is known for using natural pigments for her work – kalam and wasli.

The kalam is a handcrafted brush that the painter assembles herself for fine pardakht and wasli paper another handcrafted essential used as the surface. 24K gold leaf is improvised to serve as a medium that connects the gilded extravaganza of the metal with the lavish lifestyle.

If you look at her collection, it portrays the meaninglessness of the lavish lifestyles that we lead. Her work manages to penetrate into the consciousness of the society which runs after amassing things; things that don’t really give life the spark that it needs. Each work is a reflection of our narcissistic selves and how vulnerable and fragile we have become in our love for materialism.

Recently, Heraa Khan exhibited her work on November 21, 2017.


Her art pieces are inspired by Shakespearean plays. In these plays, Shakespeare talks about the underlying reliance of man on the superficial.


1. Two rich and precious stones

In the painting entitled, “Two rich and precious stones” the figures come across as strong metaphors of the artist’s consciousness. The dominant gold as a base is accentuated by a halo of exotic flora in a fine blend of colors.


2. Treasure house

She uses bright and vibrant colours to bring to life the setting that we are all used to. The lifestyles, its upkeep and the challenges have now become an inherent part of our life. This is exactly what the paintings portray. Things that come naturally to us now, we do not pause for a moment to think about how it all affects us at the end of the day.


3. Gifts of rich value


4. Deceived with ornament


Her work thrives on the reality that exists in the society. Her understanding of the setting around her is so profound, and being able to visualise it takes a great artist.

Let us know how you feel about her work. And don’t forget to appreciate the intricacy of the masterpieces that she is creating. We need to support our artists because once, art thrived in this land and we need to revive that tradition. You can follow her on Instagram for more of her fantastic art.

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