Mia Khalifa Called Out Priyanka Chopra And Is 2021 Even Real Anymore?

By Noomyalay Khan | 13 Feb, 2021

Mia Khalifa called out Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Twitter about her silence on the farmer’s protest in India and things just got real.

Mia Khalifa has recently been in the news for all the right reasons. As multiple international celebrities are coming out in support of the farmer’s protest going on in India, India’s very own global megastars are coming under fire over their blatant silence over the news coming out of New Delhi.

Mia Khalifa did the same as she called out Priyanka Chopra, also known as Mrs. Jonas after her marriage to Nick Jonas, on Twitter.

Mrs. Jonas has not voiced her opinion yet, as Mia clearly points out.


This follows tweets that she made earlier this week in support of the same protest as well as multiple Instagram posts too, which was covered in our article here.

After coming out in support of the farmer’s protest, alongside celebrities such as Rihanna, Amanda Cerny, and Greta Thunberg, this time Mia Khalifa directly called Mrs. Jonas out. She reminisces it to Shakira’s silence over the blast in Lebanon last year. Shakira is half-Lebanese and has never spoken up about the tragic event in Beirut.

Not known as one to keep mum about political issues, Priyanka Chopra-Jonas is one of India’s most recognizable as well as vocal artists.

Previously she has come out in support of the Modi government and the BJP, a right-wing nationalist political party in India that has used Islamophobia to gain a massive following, as many Twitter users pointed out.



Some people pointed out to Mia Khalifa that she had already spoken up for the farmers.

As the conversation started gathering momentum, a few people were quick to point out that Priyanka Chopra had spoken about this issue as early as December. She was among the few mainstream Bollywood celebrities to show their support for the protest.



However, some people wondered if one tweet suffices.

Should she, as a star, use her platform to bring light to the plight of the Indian farmers, or should she stay away from it and not get herself involved in politics after showing her support once?


Priyanka Chopra is also a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

She has been associated with UNICEF for over a decade and a half and is seen regularly posting about her philanthropic work and love for the underprivileged. For her work in Bollywood, she was also awarded the Padma Shri award, India’s highest civilian honor.

source: www.unicef.org


In the light of this information, does her support stand firm or does she need to do more? Does Priyanka Chopra need to listen to Mia Khalifa?


Do you think Mia Khalifa was right to call Priyanka Chopra out? And do you think she will respond to her? Let us know!



Cover image viaย www.reuters.com and www.filmdaily.co

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