Stephanie Arnold Died For 37 Seconds And Came Back To Life. Here's What She Told Us

By Umme Hani | 13 Feb, 2021

Sajeer Shaikh from MangoBaaz hosted an interview with Stephanie Arnold, an acclaimed American author and producer about her near-death experience, life after death, and much more.

#Baatcheet Season 3 is a series of live sessions featuring some of the most incredible personalities from all across the globe to enthrall our audience. This time around, we had with us Stephanie Arnold, from Chicago, US, on the hot seat.

All eyes were riveted on Arnold as she made an appearance. We ran this spectacular personality down on Surviving Death, a 2021 documentary series directed by Ricki Stern about beliefs in psychic mediumship and life after death, currently streaming on Netflix.

This session was unlike any other live sessions MangoBaaz has hosted because we were going to talk to a person who had been clinically dead for 37 seconds. It’s rather fascinating how this session was attended by a good many people after getting the wind of our guest’s death story.

Stephanie Arnold’s story kept our audience at the edge of their seats as they couldn’t wait to ask about her 37-second experience.

Stephanie Arnold’s death premonitions:

“I was pregnant with our first boy and after about the 20-week ultrasound, they determine the spine, the fingers, the heart, and at that moment, the doctor told me I have placenta previa,” Arnold explained.

Basically, placenta previa occurs when a baby’s placenta partially or totally covers the mother’s outlet for the uterus. The doctors had informed her of the possibility of the mire of a C-section, which was not alarming for Arnold as she had already experienced the surgical procedure with her first child.

While she was still the mum-of-one, she mentioned that the premonitions came when she and her husband, Jonathan, learned about her condition, which could lead to a hemorrhage.

“I don’t know what this is, but I’ve got a really bad feeling about this,” Stephanie Arnold told her husband.

In simple words, Arnold had premonitions that she was going to die giving birth to her second child when she was about 20 weeks into her pregnancy in 2013.

“I told everybody. I told all my doctors. I told my nurses. I told anybody who would listen. If you saw me in the street and you saw me pregnant, ‘Girl, how’s the pregnancy going?’ I’d be like, ‘I’m gonna die!’”

Stephanie Arnold made an appointment with the head of Gynecological Oncology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital to let him in on her premonitions. She went under an MRI scan which returned negative results, but Arnold still couldn’t keep calm. She wrote ‘goodbye’ letters and emails a month before the ‘real deal’ happened and consulted an Anesthesiologist who was going to keep her alive and in operation.

“I felt that this was exactly what was going to happen, and I told my husband that,” Arnold remarked.

Stephanie Arnold’s Anesthesiologist was startled because she had never seen a patient speak so clearly about what was going to happen.

As Arnold finally got wheeled into the operating room, she had an epidural and was going to deliver her second baby. However, something was wrong.

“Imagine that you are looking at an open road and everybody is seeing just a beautiful day, open road and all you see is 18-wheeler heading straight for you, and nobody else sees it! So I’m living out a completely different dimension than everybody else in that moment,” Arnold explained.

Her arms were spread out and she got ready for the C-section. That is when she delivered Jacob – a healthy, happy baby.

And seconds later on the operating table, Stephanie Arnold died.

Arnold flatlined for 37 seconds. During that time, the medical staff sprang into action, and she could see her Anesthesiologist at the foot of her bed, the nurse who gave her CPR, and the doctor who stood beside her in a stock of utter shock and disbelief, trying to get her back to life.

It turned out that Arnold ended up having an amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) which is a pregnancy complication – where amniotic cells get into the mother’s bloodstream – a rare 1-in-40,000 occurrence. She was allergic to the fluid, and her body went into an anaphylactic shock. Her blood wasn’t clotting, she had a cardiac arrest and failing kidneys, and she had to get a hysterectomy just like she had seen in her premonition.

“The natural body has 20 units of blood. I was given 60 units of blood to save my life.”

Stephanie Arnold was traumatized as she came out of her 6-day medically induced coma.

Everything she feared would happen came to pass, and she ended up seeking hypnotherapy to release some of the trauma.

She started writing about it, and eventually published her book, “37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven’s Help–A Mother’s Journey.” She also appeared on talk shows to share her near-death experience with the rest of the world.

“When one is clinically dead, there’s no electricity running through the body. But when you get plugged back in all of a sudden, you see this matrix that has probably always been there, but now I’m acutely aware of it. I felt like I had no choice but to speak up when I sensed something was wrong, and I was desperate to find stories like mine of foreboding during pregnancy,” Arnold concluded.

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