Ansar Abbasi Told People Not To Wish Christians On Christmas, So Now They're Wishing Him Instead

By Sajeer Shaikh | 25 Dec, 2017

It’s Christmas time. And that means that while we have people celebrating the occasion, we also have others who will give a million reasons as to why we shouldn’t celebrate the big day. Ansar Abbasi happens to be one of those people this Christmas Eve.

Now, we all know about his interesting opinions. Like his take on KPK education department’s new flag

Via Twitter

However, his take on our minorities and their celebrations backfired a bit. He shared a video of Zakir Naik talking about why Muslims shouldn’t wish Christians on Christmas.

Here’s the tweet with the video:

His caption stated the following: “Christmas ke mauqe par Musalmano ko kya nahin karna chahiye aur kyun.”

And hey, some people were on his side, too. Like this person who shared an image that wasn’t quite right.

Something’s just not right here. Can’t seem to put my finger on it.

And there were others dragged Ahmedis into the matter.

Sab minorities ko saath target karne ka kaafi shauq lag raha hai inka.

However, a vast majority was actually pretty offended at this stance. It didn’t quite add up for these wise folks, who immediately shut down Ansar Abbasi.

This person here spelled it all out.

As did this guy, who might have had the spelling wrong, but his heart was in the right place.

Actually, a lot of people decided to let Mr. Abbasi know that kuch nahi hota agar aap kisi doosre ki khushi ke liye unko wish kardein.

People pointed out how Pakistanis must move forward united, despite religious differences.

Some people were actually mad that he was spreading such messages.

Others encouraged him to use Google.

Lol, ouch.

The icing on the cake definitely had to be the moment when people started wishing Mr. Abbasi a Merry Christmas. 

Smooth move, guys. Smooth move.

And it started a wave of replies. 

All of them…

…wishing Mr. Abbasi.

It was a beautiful moment, where people actually stood up to a man in power for our Christian community.

What a truly glorious moment for Pakistani Twitter. 

Thanks for this, guys.

It’s honestly so great to see that while people like Mr. Abbasi decide to take such stances, there are others willing to choose love and unity above all. Merry Christmas, everyone. Have a great day.

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