PIA Just Threw This Amazing Christmas Party On A Flight And The Passengers Are Loving It

By Zeest Qureshi | 24 Dec, 2017

Christmas party in the air


Have you noticed how PIA just keeps getting better and better with their Public Relations now? With all the good press they’re getting for their kindness, one is excited, has the national carrier actually improved their services?


The PIA staff had a pleasant surprise in store for all its passengers on this flight

The cabin crew of this PIA flight threw an in-flight Christmas party for all its passengers and this was complete with costumes, gift bags, chocolates and even their very own Santa Claus.

Source: Pakistan International Airlines / Facebook


One of their cabin crew members, Peter Inayat, dressed up as Santa Claus and it was heartwarming

All the happy faces of the passengers looks so heartwarming. It was a great way to spread some Christmas cheer and PIA won so many hearts!

Source: Pakistan International Airlines / Facebook

People are even saying that this is exactly what Pakistan needs, and we agree

People are applauding PIA because this is a great way for spreading inter-faith harmony in our country.

Source: Pakistan International Airlines / Facebook

Others are happy that PIA is transforming back into a success and hope that this will add to Pakistan’s path forward.


There is no party without a few selfies and this event was also complete with a cabin crew selfie with a passenger

Source: Pakistan International Airlines / Facebook


From the looks of it, everyone not on this flight definitely missed out on a really great time

We hope initiatives like these keep happening in the future but we applaud PIA for such a creative surprise for its passengers.

Source: Pakistan International Airlines / Facebook


Keep improving to new heights, PIA. You’re doing really well.


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