This Is What Pakistani Girls Do After Getting “Rishta”fied

By Maryam Cheema | 10 Dec, 2015

One fine day you see a random aunty was snooping around you, taking all the necessary information about you and your family and then you learn that she sent a rishta and guess what? Your parents agreed to it and you are officially hooked to a guy. This is the story of every Pakistani girl.

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But what happens after the haan is done? We’ll tell you:

1. Switch to a new “mehram” number

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Or block all your na mehram “ex-friends”. Ladies this is THE first abrupt escape route every girl takes after getting rishta-fied. So the next time Salma or Jamila isn’t responding to you all of a sudden, it’s because rishta pakka ho gya hai.

2. Buy a new wardrobe

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Most of the times, a mod-scod becomes a burka avenger or a hijab cladded turns into a glamour puss  on demand, and we all know where that demand comes from. 😉

3. Become sab bhaiyon ki ek behen

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The oh-so-obvious change! Mind you, as soon as a Pakistani girl gets rishta-fied it becomes mandatory for her to proclaim every guy as her brother and that she must not be called anything else than behen. Too much heart breaking boys.

4. Get into “achi bahu” training mode

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In university, in class, in group discussions, at gossip session, a girl post rishta is all about what her fiance gifted to her on valentine’s day or what her sister in law took her to eat out, how her mother in law prohibited her to look in to the mirror before the wedding or how the bawarchi-in-law is excited about getting a companion in the kitchen.

5. Perfect the Zubaida aapa totkay

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Believe me just as soon as your friend has been hooked with a person, all she would be posting on her social media website is hashtag biryani, hashtag korma, hashtag I made it, hashtag unki pasand  and oh! Hashtag gol rotti.

6. Become an eid ka chaand on Facebook display pictures

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Since a girl is now officially committed, it is a ritual to put down all the display images from all the social media websites because “shaadi say pehle nazar lag jae ge”.

7. Throw tantrums that are over done

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Just when fat starts looking FAT, pimple starts looking a huge deformity that can be only fixed with a plastic surgery, skin fairness starts calling for all the desperate measures and the whole existence seemingly become full of mistakes, know it that the girl is rishta-fied.

8. Learn to keep the phone hooked to your ear for a call from “him”

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A post rishta female even if she’s on her death-bed, won’t let go off her cell phone because “unki call ani hai”.

9. Take a course in “Becoming an Aunty 101”

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As soon as the rishta is done, an engaged female would flamboyantly brag about the stuff she received on her engagement. Her ring, her clothes, accessories and learn the art of gossiping about other’s personal lives.

10. Complete the transformation into an uncontrollable bride-zilla

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The highly infamous pre-wedding shopping spree starts just as soon as the girl gets fixed and it never ends. Literally there is just no stop to it because shaadi ke baad kaam job toh karne nahi deinge woh.

A woman should be strong enough to be unique as an individual and not change herself for any situation and for anyone because you are perfect just the way you’re created so embrace it and yes, enjoy all the perks of being rishta-fied too.


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