Things Every Pakistani Ammi Says That Drive You Crazy

By Umair Mahmood | 17 Nov, 2015

It’s not really a good idea to let out an “uff” to  your Ammi when she tells you to do something. That doesn’t change the fact that many of us still do it. But can you really blame us? Sometimes, some of the things your Ammi says just makes you roll your eyes and utter the word she’ll hold against you for the rest of your life. “Uff.”


1. Shabaash Jaa Ke Rotiyan Le Kay Aao

“Okay sure , I’ll back in five minutes.” Said no son happily without being insulted by his father afterwards.

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2. Tum Jaatay Ho Ya Abu Ko Bataaon?

I’m not afraid of these threats anymore. I am immune to them now that I know this is your strategy to get me to do something. Ha, lol just kidding. Please don’t tell Abba.

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3. Utho Chalo Kamra Saaf Karo Apna!

If I weren’t too busy with studying for finals, I would. Uff..

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4. Jootay Khaanay Hain?

Seriously Amma? I’m an adult for God’s sake.

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5. Chalo Beta Shopping Pe Chalo Mere Sath

How do I tell her I’m not really interested.  Especially when she goes to 7 shops, one after another and probably won’t buy anything? I’d rather finish this episode of breaking bad.

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6. Khabardaar Agar Tumne Meri Baat Na Maani

Why does my life seem like a melodramatic show sometimes?

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7. Jao Jaa Ke Kisi Aur Ka Sarr Khao! 

So, as soon as I start talking about myself she wants me to shut up?

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8. Aik Tou Tum Log Mehmaanon Kay Liay Kuch Nahi Chhortay

 “So…I should just sit here, smile and just nod my head?”

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9. Tum Ab Mujhe Aik Achi Si Bahu La Do, Beta

I think one woman telling me how to live my life is all I can handle right now.

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Regardless of all this, you know your mom is one of the most important people in your life. Now go give your ammi a hug.


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