15 Times the PIA Let You Down

15 Times the PIA Let You Down

15 Times the PIA Let You Down

Every Pakistani is familiar with the high standards of service (or lack thereof) provided by our infamous national carrier, Pakistan International Airlines. Whether we were personally victimized by the not-so-great people to fly with or not, PIA has had its fair share of embarrassing moments.

Here’s a list of the times PIA let you down:


1. High standards of safety.


2. Triggering existentialism.


3. A rather sticky situation.


4. When the captain’s problem solving skills were too damn high.


5. Expectation.

Source: Akram Ali


6. Reality.


7. Gastronomical pleasure, no less. *Pukes*


Source: Youtube


8. Time travelling skills are strong with this one.


9. Some very enterprising men.


10. This episode of ordinary citizens taking matters into their own hands.

Source: BBC



11. This poor man who couldn’t rest his arm next to a ‘namehram’.



12. When there was a feline emergency.



13. When delays caused tempers to rise


14. When they ran a flight without turning on the air conditioning

“Airline, darwaza khol ke uraani hai kiya?”


15. But let’s just agree that Jemima won the internet by gracefully trolling PIA.

Source: Tumblr

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