I Rewatched ‘Mera Naseeb' And The Show Has A Lot To Teach Us About Sisterly Love

By Arslan Athar | 24 May, 2018

‘Mera Naseeb’ follows two girls who are incredibly close and almost sister-like. Shazia and Nazia are first cousins who are born into a rather conservative family.

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The basic premise of the show is that since the cousins were born on the same day their naseebain are intertwined.

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This theory of intertwined faith is played further by the fact that both girls lose their fathers on the same night. This is why they’re raised by three women; Shazia’s mom (Bari Ammi), Nazia’s mom (Choti Ammi) and their Phupho (Phuphi Ammi). 

Since the girls are brought up in a very conservative and restrictive household, they are forced to cling on to each other for moral and emotional support, and it is because of this that the show revolves around a beautiful sisterhood between Nazia and Shazia.

They are not only each other’s confidants but also they support each other and make sure that each one of them is happy, no matter what. 

One of the first instances we see of their awesome relationship is when the sisters are introduced to Shehbaz. Shazia sees the chemistry between Shehbaz and Nazia and wants, with all her heart, for them to have a future together. Of course, considering their background, they both know that something like a ‘love marriage’ or a marriage of interest won’t pan out, so Shazia takes the initiative and arranges a meet-up between the both of them (and yes, she too has to be there).

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This act not only symbolizes sisterhood but also represents sacrifice and taking on huge risks.

Shazia knows, very well, the risks involved with meeting up with Shehbaz, yet she does it because she cannot bear the thought of having her sister live a miserable life. Since this is a drama, of course, they are caught in ‘the act’ of meeting a boy and yes, all hell breaks loose- even at that moment, Shazia initially takes the brunt of all the anger their three moms, however, Nazia can’t take it for too long and steps. The sisters take their punishment and throughout their qaid in their rooms, their only thought is about how the other is doing.

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The other MAJOR instance of their sisterhood is the night of their mehndi. The girls are both set up in an arranged marriage.

Nazia steps out of the mehndi for a bit as she is still stuck up on Shehbaz. She is immediately followed by Shazia’s fiance, Moeez, who professes his feelings for her. Unknown to both of them, Shazia is in the next room, hearing everything. This brings up certain feelings for Shazia. Throughout the drama, there is the undertone of sibling rivalry, especially with regards to looks. Shazia may not particularly have been jealous of Nazia, but her moms’ constant nagging and bringing up of the fact make Shazia feel worse about it all.

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Nazia says nothing to Moeez and leaves him standing alone in their house. She bumps into Shazia, and they get into a fight. They don’t talk to each other, even on their rukhsati, and they don’t speak for a while afterward. Despite the moms being super repressive, they are all very observant and force them to meet at home. It’s there where Nazia takes the first step and tries to make amends. They avoid the topic for a while, but eventually they crack and embrace each other. They vow to never let another man get in between them and to always be open with each other.

Lastly, in the time between, they go home for the first time and talk for the first time, Shazia notices that Nazia isn’t happy in her marriage.

Source: HUM TV

This disturbs her greatly, but considering that till then the sisters weren’t really talking to each other, she couldn’t confront her, so she goes to the next best thing; Nazia’s mother. Well, to be honest, there is less talking and more scolding. She questions her, even goes to the extent of saying ‘aap kis tarah ki maa hain? Nahin nazar aata aap ko Nazia ki na khushi?’. We all know that talking to elders like THAT isn’t particularly encouraged, however, Shazia does this because she can’t stand seeing Nazia unhappy, especially considering that she knows that her sister’s true happens lies with Shehbaz.

Sisterly love manifests itself in many different ways. In the case of Nazia and Shazia that translated to helping each other out, and supporting each other given their circumstances and what they were and weren’t allowed to do. They teach us that blood runs thicker than water, no matter what, and to always be there when your sibling, cousin or friend needs you.


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