15 Struggles You Experience If You’re A Short Pakistani Guy

15 Struggles You Experience If You’re A Short Pakistani Guy

Being short has it’s ups and downs, not that it makes a big difference in your life, yet being a short dude in Pakistan is not the smoothest of road trips one would take.

For better or worse, you be the judge:


1. You’re literally looked down upon

And you look up to well everybody.


When your employer or colleague is talking to you and they are taller than you are – they are more likely to be wearing the power sash in that conversation and “looking down at you”.


2. Girls above 5ft are automatically out of your league

Source: tumblr
Source: tumblr

Though it’s not all too rare that the shorties do indeed penetrate into the towering leagues but the struggle to be rich and charming gets all the more pertinent.


3. “Eye to eye” means nothing to you


You know how your elders always tell you to look in someone’s eyes when you’re talking to them? They just didn’t mention, when the other person is like 2 feet taller than you.

4. People find you cute when you’re actually very angry

Source: tumblr
Source: tumblr


5. Nicknames are a bitch

Source: imgur

Yaar tu nazar nai araha
Tu kids section mai shopping kerta hai


6. You defend your masculinity by mentioning the size of your ahem… foot or thumb



7. You are told to sit at the front with the kids, for family photos, even when you’re 25

I am an adult, I really am.


8. Games like volleyball and basketball are not for you

Basically, all games which require long arms and legs are simply a no.


9. You’ll always have to adjust the driving seat whenever you’re driving someone else’s car



10. You are automatically the baby of your friend’s group… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


How old or mature you might get, you’ll simply have to have your cheeks squeezed by some random auntie – to be honest tall ones aren’t spared from that either.


11. Reaching the top shelf in a wardrobe is a workout


Be it a Nutella jar or your clothes in your top cupboard, you need to make sure you have a chair placed somewhere to balance life out.

12. You when your friends rest their arms on your head

Your tall friends can easily confuse you as their arm resting place while chatting.


13. You’re forced to sit in the middle

altaf 1

Because leg space – which to be honest make no sense since leg space is the least of anyone’s worries when you have four people cramped in the backseat. And in harder times, you might move to someone’s lap too. Not kidding!


14. Your friends take pictures with you to look tall


You’re welcome – _ –


15. Even rishta aunties don’t see the swag in you


The rishta aunties look at you with pity.


But whenever you’re feeling low about your height, just remember:

“Life is short, so are you!”

-The Internet

Cover image via: wallpapershd

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