Meesha Shafi Throwing Major Shade At NUST For Their Sexist Smoking Policy Has Pissed Off Pakistanis

By Ramsha Bhatti | 21 Sep, 2018

When NUST introduced its designated area for students who wanted to smoke on campus, people were stoked! There were still penalties and fines for students caught smoking outside the designated area and tbh, people were okay with it.

However, the excitement soon died down when the sexist end of the policy came to the surface.

Girls were prohibited from entering these smoking areas and had to bear serious repercussions. In simpler terms, these “designated smoking zones” were an all-boys territory.

Source: MangoBaaz via undisclosed source

The gender-biased smoking ban has ruffled feathers across the nation and people are speaking up against it. 

Like many other enraged individuals, Meesha Shafi also shared her thoughts about this illogical and discriminatory policy. 

Can we please appreciate the MAJOR shade thrown at NUST here?

SATYAA-NUST needs to start trending on Twitter soon. The singer, lyricist, and actor, has highlighted how the institute has a history of coming up with such questionable policies and acts which tend to hinder freedom of students within the premises of their academic institution.


Even though Meesha has been outspoken about numerous discriminatory issues in the past, this time she did not get a lot of support from the general public. 

People came in huge numbers to support the institution and it’s credibility in such a complex situation.  

Seems like Pakistanis have too much faith in NUST’s administration to consider how the policy is indeed a problem. You either make an amenity or a luxury available for everyone or you remove it altogether. You cannot make it available to one side or gender and claim that it is for the best.

Eventually, people thought that it was okay to mock her and her potential just because she had pointed fingers at another renowned name in Pakistan. 

She was instructed to be concerned about herself and her work rather than other matters. 

Obviously feminism ne bhe beech main rullna tou tha he.

What people have failed to understand is that the matter truly is about basic equality.


Not to overlook the fact that even Shireen Mazari has publically spoke on the matter, so it is not irrelevant for renowned female figureheads to be talking about this.

People are not offended by the fact that female students are prevented from the freedom to smoke. Rather, they’re offended because male students are allowed a certain activity that is equally harmful for them, but females have been stopped from the same. If smoking is harmful to the female counterpart of the institution, it is equally as harmful to the male students as well.



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