Meesha Shafi Wrote A Heartfelt Message About Kulsoom Nawaz's Death And People Are Getting Emotional

By Arslan Athar | 12 Sep, 2018

Kulsoom Nawaz passed away yesterday after her battle with cancer. A lot of people have been sending their condolences and prayers to the Sharif family over this news. Pakistani celebrities took to Twitter to express their grief, including Meesha Shafi…

Meesha Shafi’s tweet, however, got a lot of people emotional.

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In the tweet, she revealed how she couldn’t make it in time for her father’s burial while giving Maryam hosla to pass by this difficult time. 

A lot of people joined Meesha in giving their condolences.

This person actually left me with a lot to think about. 

Some began to share stories from when their parents passed away

In the end, no matter where your loved ones are, they just want you to be happy.

The pain of losing someone so close to your heart is unbearable 

Many people did not know that Meesha Shafi had lost her father, who was an actor himself.

Grief is beyond politics, as is family and suffering 

No matter how you feel about the Sharifs, this is a time to forget politics. Death is such a tragic thing to go through. We pray for the Sharif family in this difficult time of theirs.

Rest in Peace Kulsoom Nawaz.

Kulsoom Nawaz Just Passed Away After Her Battle With Cancer

Nawaz And Maryam Have Been Released On Parole For The Death Of Kulsoom Nawaz And People Are Reacting In A Disgusting Way

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