Meesha Shafi Just Sent Ali Zafar A Notice For 200 Crores And Is Demanding A Public Apology From Him

By Noor | 1 May, 2019

After Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment, the two celebrities have become extremely polarizing. Not only are the two fighting at opposite ends of a very important subject, they have – for better or for worse – sort of become the faces of the #MeToo movement in Pakistan.


Both the celebrities recently appeared on TV and presented their side of the story

These appearances have led to Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar again becoming key talking points, nationwide.


In response to allegations made by Ali Zafar in his multiple TV interviews, Meesha served Ali Zafar a defamation notice asking for 200 crores and a public apology

One of Meesha’s lawyers on the case tweeted the notice from Meesha.

Earlier, Ali Zafar had sent a defamation notice worth 100 crores to Meesha after she came forward with allegations of sexual harassment against him.


Meesha’s legal notice states that Ali Zafar made false, malicious and defamatory statements against Meesha Shafi

The notice reads that Ali Zafar asserted that Meesha has made false sexual allegations against him to attain fame and Canadian immigration. It further says that Ali tried to imply that even Malala also fabricated a false story to get international recognition. The statement also blames Ali Zafar of falsely claiming that he had been exonerated of all charges of sexual harassment.

Source: @nighatdad/Twitter


The statement clarifies that Ms. Shafi applied for Canadian immigration in 2015 and since 2016, she is a Canadian resident thus she DID NOT make the allegations against Ali Zafar to get Candian immigration 

The statement further says that Ali’s insinuation that Malala’s story was fabricated is an insult to the national hero. It was also clarified that Meesha’s complaint has been dismissed on jurisdictional point and not on merits.

Source: @nighatdad/Twitter


The notice further alleges that the misleading and deceptive comments made by Ali Zafar have tarnished the image of Meesha and have severely affected her honor causing serious mental agony

The legal notice demands Ali Zafar to apologize and asks him to pay Rs 2 crore as compensation for the losses made.

Source: @nighatdad/Twitter

With every passing day, the case has been getting messier than before. As bystanders, not involved in the case, the best thing we all can do during such an important case about male-female interaction and inappropriate behavior is to wait for the final decision by the court because that’s the only thing that might add more clarity to this situation.


Meesha Shafi Gave Her First TV Interview Since Her Allegations Against Ali Zafar, And Here’s Everything She Said



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