Mawra Hocane Is A Style Icon And She's Damn Good With Her Fashion

By Arslan Athar | 6 Aug, 2018

When you think of stars, you almost always think of style. They go hand in hand! For quite a while there wasn’t really a Pakistani celebrity who we could point to and say ‘Yes, that’s our style icon’. Recently we’ve been noticing that a certain Ms Mawra Hocane’s style game has been improving and we are honestly LOVING it.


Mawra’s fashion sense has improved over the years and it’s definitely now at the point where she can hold her own. 

She has total command over desi fashion and fashion trends 

OOTD . BestFriends Nikkah 💋⭐️ @elanofficial @samreenvance xx

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Mawra’s played around with colours, prints and textures 

The girl can pull ‘head to toe’ white off with impeccable grace!

She isn’t scared of prints 

Mawra also likes to display her love for fries on her clothing 

Perpetual Joy #JPNA2

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She, now, isn’t afraid of prints and evidently, even textures 

She’s also a keen follower of international fashion trends.

She isn’t afraid of a bold lip, and why should she? Just look at her, she’s killing it 

Finally a night out w my First L💋ve #Dubai

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Her looks for international award shows is definitely bold, and honestly, quite different than the norm that’s been set in Pakistan

As I said before, textures, bold prints and vibrant colours; nothing seems to scare this girl 

The dresses she’s picking are a perfect combo of Eastern designs and motifs and Western cuts and silhouettes 

Most recently, she turned heads and won hearts with this Manish Malhotra number.

Everything was right with this look. The real winner (aside from the dress) had to be the earrings 

Mawra followed that look with this absolutely ravishing desi number

Again, earring game!

Her fashion journey has definitely taken many twists and turns but here we are, Mawra can definitely be categorized as one of the most stylish people in the industry.

What do you think of her style? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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