Mawra Hocane Had A Unicorn Themed Birthday Party And The Pictures Are Absolutely Adorable

By Sarah Babar | 29 Sep, 2017

Mawra Hocane is hands down one of the cutest people we have in the Pakistani Media Industry. She’s given us some stellar performances in her career as an actor. And she’s also spiraled to the top of the food chain, sharing the space with but a few. While we were worried about her being a little sad lately, she assured us she was completely okay! And she celebrated her birthday, yesterday, in the most adorable manner, we got exclusive images from her birthday


 Straight up, her reassurance to us, for being happy kinda also made us pretty happy


1. When she was showing her love for the unicorns on the wall


2. When she posed with her yummy Sammi co-star, Ahad Raza Mir



3. And with the main man, Humayun Saeed, himself!



4. There was another celebrity sibling in the house, too!



5. Along with, veteran actor, Javed Sheikh’s daughter and actress Momal Sheikh



6. The human embodiment of the phrase ‘aging like fine wine’ Adnan Siddiqui was also there

In the capacity of a friend, this time, and not Chacha Rashid


7. The ever-beautiful Saba Hameed was there, in all her glamour



8. More cuteness ensued



9. We saw some solid sisterly love with this adooooorable picture of the two Hocane sisters!



10. And the whole picture-perfect family got together for this one



11. Mawra looked more than gorgeous in the ethereal dress she was wearing



12. Even when she was on the phone, possibly answering more Happy Birthdaaaay calls, she looked like a bundle of joy



13. Her manager, Hassan Choudhry, gave her flowers instead of more work, this time around



We, at MangoBaaz wish Mawra all the very, very best for all that she does in the future. And we’re hoping that the next time she throws such a crazy birthday party, we’re there, too. What do you think of the cuteness that was Mawra Hocane’s birthday party?

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