Maryam Nawaz's Black “Free Nawaz Sharif” Kurta For Her Court Appearance Has Sparked An Online Debate

By Rameeza Ahmad | 19 Jul, 2019

Maryam Nawaz is making a true ‘fashion statement’.

Maryam Nawaz had a court appearance today as the NAB submitted a plea against her for allegedly submitting a fake trust deed during the Avenfield case. However, the plea was dismissed.

But what caught everyone’s attention was what Maryam was wearing. A black kurta with a very interesting image and statement.

Apparently, it was designed by fellow PML-N leader Hina Parvez Butt. And it’s not surprising since she is known as quite the fashionista.

And while it’s a bold fashion choice indeed, some people really seem to be enjoying it.

Her kurta says ‘Free Nawaz Sharif’ in English and Urdu. Something she has been campaigning for a while; ever since her father was convicted for the charges of corruption levied against him. And while she has been talking about it constantly, this is the first time her outfit has said the same thing. I guess we can say, Maryam made quite the fashion statement.

But of course not everyone appreciated her fashion sense and there were those who made certain alterations to her dress.

Others thought of it as a shameless promotion.

But her outfit did its job. It has made waves on social media and started the trend #FreeNawazSharif on Twitter as people asked for the same thing; that their leader is let out of jail. And as usual, social media is severely divided over the entire thing.

What do you think of Maryam’s fashion choice for court today? Let us know in the comments below.


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