This 27 Year Old Is Competing Against People From 140 Countries To Represent Pakistan At A Polar Expedition

By Kashaf | 28 Nov, 2017

Mushahid Shah is representing Pakistan in a contest to enter an international Polar Expedition.

Mushahid is a 27-year-old graduate of International Islamic University Islamabad. He’s a hiker, mountaineer, and rock climber, having won 2 Gold and 2 Silver Medals in HEC All Pakistan Universities Rock Climbing Championship and 2 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals in All Pakistan & National Climbing Championship.

source: Mushahid Shah

The expedition, which is called “Fjällräven Polar”, starts on April 9 and ends on April 14.

Fjällräven Polar is a unique opportunity for those who wish to go on a winter adventure. It is a 300 km winter adventure North of the Arctic Circle. Candidates navigate a dog sled in the inhospitable wilderness – across the barren tundra and frozen lakes and through snowy mountain forests. The journey starts at the edge of the Norwegian fjords in Signaldalen and finishes in the Jukkasjärvi area in the Swedish Lapland.

source: Mushahid Shah

Mushahid is a national level climber and has been competing for this Polar Expedition for three years against hundreds of other countries in “the world” category. In 2016 he got 7,883 votes (5th place) and in 2017 he got 39,619 votes (2nd place).

Mushahid told MangoBaaz, “I’m taking part in this competition because no one from Pakistan has ever been selected for this Expedition, and it will be a great opportunity to represent my country for the very first time on such a huge platform.”

source: Mushahid Shah

A Pakistani has never been selected for this expedition, so it will be an amazing opportunity to represent Pakistan on such a prestigious platform. Vote for Mushahid and help him represent Pakistan at the North Pole.

Right now, Mushahid is in 4th place in The World category with 5,082 votes.



Mushahid needs our help to vote for him in this contest. To support him and Pakistan you can vote for him here.   The last day to vote for him is December 14, 2018.


We wish Mushahid the best of luck!


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cover image via: Mushahid Shahid

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