Heartbreak, Life And Marriage: 11 Quotes From Sajal's Interview That Will Make You Fall In Love With Her

By Iman Zia | 28 Nov, 2017

Sajal Ali isn’t your usual actress. She isn’t wound up in the stars, nor does she see herself as a pivotal diva toplining Pakistani television. Despite the tremendous success that has been slowly brimming the pot for years, 2017 is all about Sajal. She’s catapulted herself to the top of the game with two dramas ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ and ‘O Rungreza,’ where she unfailingly exhibited her acting capability by dipping her toes into two starkly different characters. Sajal’s debut on ‘Mom’ earlier in the year opposite greats Sri Devi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui didn’t go by unnoticed either. She’s proven herself time and time again that she’s one to watch out for.

In an interview with Dawn Images, Sajal stripped down to talk about her life and we digest the quotes you need to know about.


On when her father remarried and how distraught her mother was because of such a drastic turn of events; her mother recently succumbed to cancer


On wanting to become a musician and settle down


On moving from Karachi to Lahore to be closer to her father


On shaadi and how terrifying it can be


On wishing to travel and pursue her studies


On how her character Sassi is by far her most favorite role


On how social media isn’t her forte


On the conventions in Pakistani society that audiences prefer a specific type of female protagonist


On expressing how it’s high time we appreciate all the independent women who define our society


On being blessed with a path of work


…And on how her mother taught her to always remain humble


What did you think of Sajal’s interview?

Interview extracts from Dawn Images

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