All The Times A Humble Makhan Toast Gave You More Joy In Life Than Anything or Anyone Else

By Sarah Babar | 31 Jan, 2017

As of yesterday, I’ve been introduced to the biggest happiness of my life: Makhan ToastUpon further investigation, I realized that I’m possibly the only person ever to not have romanced this little piece of Mon Salwa from Heaven. So, the story is, I was super unwell yesterday, and I was in bed till 6 pm, so my angel of a sister got me these two pieces of perfectly browned bread with some makhan on it and some chai. And I thought to myself, ‘hey, I have something to eat!’.

Little did I know that my life was about to change for the first time, ever (thanks, Foo <3). Thus, for the next three meals, that’s all I had – makhan toast and chai. And right about now, as I type this I can’t wait to get home and have some more. And that was the story of how I started my love affair with grilled Makhan Toast leading me to believe this creation is so insane that it may even trump some times you spend with bae.

So, here are those moments when makhan toast is way better than your bae:


1. When you randomly eat it for the first time

Talk about the right kind of surprises. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, everyone should be making it for themselves and their significant others.


2. When you look at its brown tareen, almost burnt existence and you can’t keep your heart from beating so fast

Uff, you know when bread is done just right? Like every single atom of its existence is that beautiful brown, but it isn’t burnt. But it’s taken off the tawwa at the right minute? Yes. That.

Source: tumblr


3. When you take your first bite and your eyes just pop

Ah, that crunch when you bite into it and you have crumbs all over your mouth, and then every time you chew you’re in Heaven, all over again. It’s like a whole new world.



4. When you realize you’ve been missing out on this kind of love your whole life

Just the fact that you’ve never had anything like this before. And probably never will.



5. When you dunk it in chai and go all Undertaker on it

You have another bite. Toast wohi hai, chai wohi hai, but it’s a whole different ballgame, now. Your eyes go to the back of your head and om nom nom – you forget how to talk for a while.


6. When you know you’ve been ruined for all other types of toast

You’ve had Nutella-toast, grilled cheese, French toast, cinnamon toast, garlic bread, khaali saada toast but nothing like makhan toast. And you can never go back, again.

Source: tumblr


7. When you know that this relationship will go a long way

I had it for three meals straight, and I don’t mind having it for another three…or six..or forever…and you can always improvise. I mean, just think of all the possibilities. Brown bread, seeded bread, wheat bread, white bread, omg bread…


8. When you realize that the feelings you’re having for it you’ve never really felt them before. Ever.

The warmth and inner glow that you feel when you’re done with that last bite of makhan toastthat always leaves you so satisfied and yet wanting more, that’s an alien emotion, when it comes to human interaction.


9. When someone else makes makhan toast for you and you fall in love with them too

Bless my sister for always being ready to make me some good ol’ (new) makhan toastIt’s such a joy knowing someone out there cares enough for you to get you what you want the most.


10. When your relationship with makhan toast is a much better lovestory than Twilight

There’s no drama. No tears. No blood and violence. And definitely no werewolves and vampires. So yes. Along with the two million other love stories better than Twilight, this one makes it to the top of your list.


11. When you know you can sleep peacefully, knowing there will be makhan toast the next morning

When you know that when you wake up, it’s another opportunity to eat makhan toastthat was a good enough reason for me to sleep well, last night. And boy, I did. And then I made me some makhan toast in the morning and Allah ki kasam I’m having the best day at work.

Thank you, Makhan Toast. I owe you one… and then some. ♥


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