Hey Guys, Here Are Some Interesting Gift Ideas If You Have A Makeup Loving Bae

By Malaika Tahir | 20 Nov, 2016

Yes we know you guys don’t know a thing about makeup (most of you, anyway) and that’s okay, you still survive in this world without knowing the difference between a blush and a bronzer. But what if it’s her birthday and you have to buy her a gift? Suddenly you’re on your own and the world is full of stuff for women and you have no idea what to get for her. You don’t want to get her something she’d accept with a forced smile and then shut it in her cupboard for the rest of her life (you were thinking of getting her that big fancy makeup kit weren’t you? Don’t even think about it. That shit is not even pigmented!)

That’s why we’re here, buddy. Here’s a makeup guide for guys to get stuff for your bae:


1. A ‘Good’ Beauty Blender

Rs. 2600/-

Source: produto.mercadolivre.com.br
Source: produto.mercadolivre.com.br

It looks like a sponge but don’t ever think it’s a regular sponge…this is magical stuff. Nothing can blend a foundation like this little man here. And if your girl doesn’t own one, this will make her extremely happy. (Beware of the fake ones though, if it’s too sasta, it’s fake and that will not make her happy, neither will it do its job.)


2. A Morphe Eyeshadow Pallet 

Rs. 3300/- to 4000/-

Source: allymaher/blogspot.com
Source: allymaher/blogspot.com

Any makeup lover will jump at seeing one of these beauties. It comes in different shades and is highly pigmented (yeah, you don’t need to know about the meaning of this phrase just yet) and a hot favorite of all the famous YouTubers that your girl probably spends her free time watching.


3. Coty Airspun Translucent Powder 

Rs. 1150/-

Source: walmartimages.com
Source: walmartimages.com

She will thank you with all her heart when this life saving face powder will help her achieve a smooth finish for a startling 24 hours.


4. Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara

Rs. 2800/

Source: benefitscosmetics.com
Source: benefitscosmetics.com

When she’ll bat her eyelashes thankfully at you after receiving this glorious mascara, you’d know every penny was worth it (hopefully).


5. Two-Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 

Rs. 3100/-

Source: maianamakeup.com
Source: maianamakeup.com

A mascara is a girl’s best friend, so you can never go wrong with a good mascara 😉


6. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer 

Rs. 2500/-

Source: NeedsNotWants Blog
Source: NeedsNotWants Blog

Yes, this is what’s going to make her cheek bones shine like diamonds. This stunner is every makeup lover’s favorite so why shouldn’t she own it too?


7. A Kylie Lip Kit 

Rs. 4650/- to 6000- (I’m sorry guys, Kylie is expensive)

Source: youtube.com
Source: youtube.com

Tears will spring to her eyes because this is every makeup lover’s dream lipstick but not everyone buys it because of it being heavy on the pocket. So, show her how much you really love her by springing for this big one.

You can also get just the individual liquid lipstick for Rs. 2800/-


8. Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade 

Rs. 1900/- to 2700/-

Source: terapeak.com

Don’t you want her eyebrow game to be strong?


9. Huda Beauty Eye Lashes 

Rs. 2800/- to 3000/-

Source: lilithmoon/blogspot.com
Source: lilithmoon/blogspot.com

Now go and win her heart so she starts eyeing you with shak ki nigaah at this newfound knowledge about makeup.

Happy makeup shopping guys.


Disclaimer: the products linked to are to the best of my knowledge, most of them tried and tested by my own self. However, I or MangoBaaz are not responsible for the authenticity of the products sold to you by these pages nor their quoted prices. The prices quoted above are average prices and do not include delivery charges, they can vary. Shop safely and at your own risk.


Cover image via: Maria B

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