13 Things You'll Relate To If You're A Girl Who's Completely Illiterate About Makeup

By Sajeer Shaikh | 16 May, 2017

Makeup trends have started taking the country by storm. Almost every week, a new trend pops up and spreads like wildfire. And it’s understandable, too, considering how it’s such a huge part of the lives of numerous women. Not only does it accentuate ones features, it is also a form of art in itself. However, much like most art, there a few poor, unfortunate souls who don’t understand how makeup works. I happen to be one of them.

If you’re makeup illiterate like I am, you’ll probably be able to relate to the following:


1. You still don’t know the difference between all the stuff you’re supposed to put on or do

Seriously, what even. Like, there’s just so much. Matlab banda foundation, creams, powder hee lagata rahay. And what is the difference baking and contouring? Don’t you bake cookies and stuff? Why are we baking faces? It just seems like too much information to handle, tbh.

Source: vagambomb.com


2. You also don’t know how to name most of the items

I used to think there was a brush you would use to like spread stuff on your face. I was wrong. There are numerous brushes that serve specific purposes. Why? I don’t know. I don’t get it. Also, everything has an extremely confusing name for some reason? Sar ke upar se guzarne wala scene ho jaata hai thora. 

Source: Jhoom Jhoom Productions / Soham Rockstar Productions


3. You use obscure terms for anything you can’t name

Woh laal  powder pakrana zara.”

Yaar woh eyebrow wali cheez toh dikhana”

This is basically you on a daily basis, when you can’t name anything.

Via: Tumblr


4. You don’t get why any of it is needed

Okay so makeup makes sense. But why does there need to be so much of it? Why does it need to be everywhere? Also, why are there so many ways to do the same thing? Like you have the sponge ball thing for foundation and what not, but now you have all that silicone stuff too? Kyun?

Source: Oriental Films


5. Basic cheezein karni nahi aati, trends toh door ki baat hain

You can barely spread an even layer of blush across your face. All those fancy trends seem like a next level artistic pipe dream. Seems pretty impossible and confusing, tbh. You’re just like – how? How is this possible?

Source: Dharma Productions


6. You look at all those contouring videos and you think it’s straight up magic

How do you go from looking beautiful naturally to looking like an absolute bombshell? That’s some next level sorcery right there. And it’s also super soothing to look at? Matlab, wow.

Via: Giphy


7. You have a very different mental image in mind when your friends say they want to “get NAKED”

So apparently, it’s a palette. The more you know. I don’t really know why this particular name was given to this palette, but I guess it makes sense to those who use it.

Source: Style Catcher


8. You can’t tell the difference between good and bad makeup

This sucks because if you ever need some, you have to do a fuck ton of research (i.e: hit up a lot of your friends and annoy the shit out of them.) It also becomes a lot harder to buy people makeup they like as gifts.

Source: Warner Bros. Television


9. People question your femininity a lot

“But you’re a girl, na. You should know, na?”

You should not enforce gender stereotypes, na?

Source: Make A Gif


10. When you need to look extra bomb, you have to turn to your friends for help

You always have that one friend who can work a face like an artist works a canvas. They’re basically your emergency go-to friend for a date or any other special occasion. You sit back and let them work their magic.

Source: Busboy Productions


11. And they have to put up with your lack of knowledge

You are of no help whatsoever in the entire scenario and you don’t know what look you want. You can’t name half the things. Chances are, you’ll whine about being poked at by the mascara stick. It’s a train-wreck.

Via: Tumblr


12. You don’t get the appeal of makeup stores

Why do people rush to Sephora like they’re selling gold? What do all the women of the world see in ridiculously expensive makeup? Kya khaas baat hai?

Source: Ali Rush / YouTube


13. However, you have major respect for those who can work their magic with a palette

Honestly, though. Anyone who can do makeup really well should consider themselves an artist because that shit is hard. And at the end of the day, the entire process is highly intriguing.

Via: Deenga

Some women love makeup and some don’t. And that’s totally cool – to each their own. Doesn’t make anyone better or it doesn’t make anyone different. It’s just how it is. Even though a lot of girls like me don’t get how makeup works, we can still appreciate the hard work that goes into it and the breathtaking results. And somewhere deep down, in the bottom-most parts of our beings, we kinda low key wish we were that talented too. So kudos to all those who know makeup inside out. And to all those who don’t get it at all – I feel you. We’re all in the same boat.

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