The World Loves Mahira Khan So Much, They Just Set A Record For Downloading Her Illegally

By Iman Zia | 18 Jan, 2018

Well done India. While torrents are a’ blooming literally in every corner of the world, India and Pakistan really do love to thrive on pirated content. While we’re guilty of it too, India just took the crown with their 2017 most-watched film, starring nonother than our gem Mahira Khan.


Director Rahul Dholakia took to Twitter to announce the good news, that Bollywood film ‘Raees’ was the most pirated film of 2017


Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


Starring King Khan and Mahira Khan, ‘Raees’ was both a commercial and critical success

It marked Mahira’s Bollywood debut, and what an impressive debut it was – opposite Shah Rukh Khan, a man with tremendous star value.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


Producer Ritesh Sidhwani responded with a sly little statement that suggested a sequel to the film was in the works (but we legit think he might be trolling everyone)


Fans wished for a second ‘Raees’




With many condemning piracy but declaring the results of the poll a sound consequence of the popularity of the film


Others suggested that it was also pirated the most because of Shah Rukh’s production company that didn’t really do justice


And others suggesting it was because of us (true, in a way)


Because had the film been released in Pakistan, then it might not have been torrented!


Fans of Shah Rukh revealed how the actor’s films immediately get pirated


…Because after all, it is a Shah Rukh starrer!


There were a few haters (as per the norm)



Well done piracy. Well done!

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


Do you think the film wouldn’t have been pirated, had the film released in Pakistan?

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