Mahira Khan Demanded To Not Be Photoshopped For Her Latest Campaign, Because Bohat Hogaya Unrealistic Beauty Standards

By Arslan Athar | 6 Dec, 2018

Mahira Khan recently posed for the renowned Pakistani fashion brand, Zara Shahjahan.

According to the brand, Mahira Khan is a bold Pakistani woman who encompasses all that their brand stands for, therefore declaring her their muse.

However, more importantly, the Zara Shahjahan team revealed on Instagram that Mahira Khan had asked them to NOT photoshop her images. 

‘Her pictures have not been altered at all and have been used exactly as they were.’ 

The outcome of this photo shoot. Well, you have to see it for yourself!

The vibe of this photoshoot was to celebrate the vintage aesthetic and style. 

Therefore, Mahira’s request to not alter photos fit in beautifully with that 

Dare I say, Mahira looks even more beautiful like this!

The intensity of her pose hasn’t been affected

Internationally, people have been calling out ad campaigns for perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards, may it be making a model look fairer than she actually is, or make her look far thinner. It’s great to see that some Pakistani celebrities are taking steps to help break the pattern of unrealistic beauty standards.

People were over the moon!

Via Instagram
Via Instagram
Via Instagram
Via Instagram

People were also all praise for Mahira Khan too

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

But there were some people didn’t understand what the big deal was. 

Guess you really can’t make everyone happy!

Via Instagram

Again, this is a really important step taken by a big celebrity and a brand too. Hopefully, we see more of this happening in our fashion world. The fashion industry has been under blast for celebrating ‘white’ models and not embracing REAL Pakistani people and their beauty. Brands like Generation and YBQ have been celebrating all the shades of Pakistani beauty for a while now, so let’s hope that this new Mahira Khan and Zara Shahjahan collaboration gets things rolling.

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: @zarashahjahanofficial // Instagram

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