Mahira Khan Trolled Hamza Ali Abbasi And Now They're Having The Cutest Banter

By Arslan Athar | 3 Nov, 2018

Mahira Khan has roasting abilities and she just put them on display roasting Hamza Ali Abbasi.


Mahira’s recent trip to America has been nothing short of eventful

First, the actress went to Facebook headquarters where she took some dope ass photos and gave a talk to a bunch of lucky AF Facebook employees . Then she went FULL geek and also visited the Google HQ, and yup, we were jealous

Imagine, if your friend was having a great time, like her. You would be happy but a small part of you would also be really jealous; chances are, you’d be FOMO-ing pretty hard.


Then Mahira Khan was hanging out with some friends and she decided to serve a mega burn to Hamza Ali Abbasi

She was with director Bilal Lashari and entrepreneur Ammara Hikmat.


Now, that’s what you call a burn

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram

Tip for next time, when you do own someone with your awesome wit and sass, you wait for others to say ‘#burn’, but you’re Mahira Khan and I love you, so I’ll let it slide.


I think we’ve all been there. Your friends are all chilling out but either you didn’t get permission to go out, or in this case, didn’t buy an air ticket, so you’re missing out

Via Instagram

We feel ya, Hamza.


Hamza Ali Abbasi was quick to respond to Mahira 

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram

Clearly, he isn’t going down without a fight.


Mahira then further responded to him too

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


Fans are loving the banter

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


Most comments were about people not getting the joke 

Source: @mahirahkhan// Instagram


While the rest took this opportunity to ask her about her upcoming movie, after all she was taking a selfie with its director, Bilal Lashari

Waisay, kab ho rahi hai release?

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


I, for one, hate it when my friends pull such pranks, so my sympathies are with Hamza Ali Abbasi. What do you guys think?


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