Mahira Khan's Heartwarming Farewell To Cannes Will Make Your Hearts Melt All Over

By Sarah Babar | 17 May, 2018

The last spell of Mahira’s journey at the Cannes Film Festival has been quite a glamorous one. She’s been seeing all about town and she’s stolen our hearts completely

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


Just look at her, you can’t even see all of her face but it’s all just so va va voom!

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


While Mahira has previously spoken about how Aishwariya Rai Bachchan and her met

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram

And that she gave Mahira the warmest hug she’s received in a really long time. And that they exchanged notes on their kids, Araadhya and Azlan, respectively.


Even before Cannes began, Mahira also shared a very very sweet moment with Sonam Kapoor

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram

When Mahira wished Sonam good wishes for her shaadi and sent lots of love her way, Sonam said that she couldn’t wait to hang out with our haseena at Cannes.


And the moment they shared together was absolutely adorable

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Keeping with the theme of anecdotes from Cannes, she has now put up an image, with a very very sweet message, bidding farewell to the festival and all that it gave her

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram

“Oh Cannes you have a piece of my heart! Thank you for taking us in with open arms, you were warm and generous. I wish I could pen down my entire experience but that’ll be a long love letter for another time. However there are a few things I want to relay to all of you. 
As I sat in the car on my way to the airport I realised that I felt more empowered than ever before. And the reason was because of the amazing women that I met over the last three days. All these talented women had one thing in common – they lifted each other up. They were supportive and kind. They had each other’s backs. And that is the only (if any) key to success. 
It is empowering to sit with women and speak about the lines under your eyes or how fast your children are growing up. It’s a relief when it is your first time on the red carpet with hundreds of people photographing you, to get a ‘you’ve got this’ from the girl whose done this like a dream so many times. It was even more amazing to get all these lovely msgs from my industry back home. And the best family and friends one could ask for. Aah and my fan family, how I love thee! 
We are nothing alone, and that is something life keeps teaching me time and again. 
My @seherhafeez I love you. @amarfaiz for giving it your all. @shakeelbinafzal for keeping up with the insanity and @manekaharisinghani for being there always?

Loreal Pakistan ??, we did it! Thank you loreal Paris for having us.. can’t wait to see you again! À bientôt, 
Love love love 
X “


She spoke about how she was so much more empowered after the festival had ended, which was mostly because of the amazing women that she met during the festival. She spoke about all the support that she got from back home, in Pakistan, and just how much love she got from so many people throughout the festival.


What do you think of Mahira’s heartfelt message, bidding farewell to Cannes? Let us know in the comments below, we’re waiting to hear from you.



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