Maheen Taseer's Powerful Note To Her Husband On His One Year Of Freedom From Taliban Will Make You Cry Like Crazy

By Momina Mindeel | 9 Mar, 2017

Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping was shocking for everyone. Everyone felt for the family who were still grieving the murder of Salmaan Taseer at the hands of his guard. I remember searching for Shahbaz’s wife, Maheen Taseer’s Facebook and Twitter profiles to see if she was doing okay but obviously, I couldn’t find anything. I mean, it had been less than 4 hours since Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnap, one couldn’t really expect a post from her. It was two or maybe three whole days before Maheen shared something on Twitter. I remember checking her profiles relentlessly in the meantime. This connection was inexplicable and I couldn’t even share it with anyone, fearing I’d be judged.

Years passed by, I grew older and kept praying for Shabaz Taseer’s return, as if he was a family member.  He did come back eventually, exactly a year ago and I was just so ecstatic but I kept the happiness hidden inside, only to let it out today.


Last night, Maheen Taseer, the incredibly brave wife to the equally brave Shahbaz Taseer, shared a heartfelt note to her husband on Facebook.

Needless to say, it had me crying relentless happy tears.

Source: Maheen Taseer


The note is powerful and eloquent. It is personal, heartfelt and above all, laced with brave love.

Maheen says, “It is difficult to describe the terror that stalked our lives for nearly five years. We sought comfort in prayer, found solace in the Quran, tried to get on with our lives, yet it was always there, like a back-ground score in a movie, playing constantly. There are far too many horrors to recount and I now try to push them all out of my mind. However there is one moment which keeps coming back. We had been informed that Shahbaz had been killed in a drone, attack, and though the contacts my father had established kept assuring us that the news was wrong, the doubts would not go away. The kidnappers had stopped calling and there was no other evidence to go by. It must have been a month later that the calls restarted, along with the threats and another torture video. Think of cruel irony! Here was a video of Shahbaz being tortured and the first feeling was that of relief at having at least received tangible proof of his being alive,” in her Facebook note.


“It’s true what they say, the pain fades away when happiness surrounds you again” and I couldn’t agree more.

Source: Maheen Taseer

“How I have waited to hear that laugh, see that smile, to feel normal again. Its true what they say, the pain fades away when happiness surrounds you again. I cant be more thankful to God for our beautiful daughter Serena. Our miracle baby. Who has come and changed our entire world. One day she will read the tales of her father and feel proud. What a year it has been mashAllah. Thank you to all those who prayed with us and for us. I believe in miracles, love and most importantly the power of prayer.” writes Maheen towards the end.

You can read Maheen’s extremely powerful note over here.

Now, go grab some tissue papers.


Cover Image Via: Maheen Taseer

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