The Weird Reham Khan, Zaid Ali Fight Just Took An Interesting Turn With Maheen Taseer Clapping Back At Him

By Lamees Wajahat | 8 Aug, 2018

Maheen Taseer’s iconic clapback at Zaid Ali is 🔥🔥🔥


So, Zaid Ali, the beloved youtuber may have just landed himself in hot waters with his Twitter war with Reham Khan


There was quite a bit of drama between Reham and Zaid, a little while ago


And then Reham deleted her tweets, apparently?


Well, now Maheen Taseer has jumped into this debate

Maheen Taseer, CEO of her own fashion company, MGT, describes herself as a humanitarian and politically conscious. She is also the wife of Shahbaz Taseer, who escaped five years in captivity.

Source: @MaheenTaseer / Twitter


Zaid Ali is… was…is..(?) a comedian who relied on social media to host short sketches about being a desi in the Western world

…and being his mother’s laadla.

He took the backseat for a while until he got married to Yumna, and then reappeared. He seemed to have rebranded his material, and started vlogging with his wife instead.


While some missed his earlier material, others enjoyed his laidback new material that was just personal and even cute. Instead of corny jokes about biryani and pulao, Zaid started to come across as an ordinary guy just enjoying his newly-married status.


But alas, I spoke too soon because this tweet surfaced

After announcing proudly he made dua every night to never end up with a woman like Reham Khan (classic Zaid!!), the two tweeted each other for a bit until Zaid just took it too far.

Instead of making his daily dua he threw this petty statement at her. Previously we’ve seen people laughing at Reham or at Zaid and taking sides for either.


Maheen’s most recent tweet elegantly addresses the wrong and ends on a positive note

She recognizes he was a “funny comedian” but has turned into a holier-than-thou personality.

Regardless of who the woman is and what she said, he has no right to say something as rude as that.

Moreover, Yumna seems like a dream or at least he shows that to us. Instead of worrying about what God will “curse” him with, he should be thankful for what he was “blessed” with.


And seriously Zaid… go back to your biryani routine.


What are your views on this whole drama?


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